Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Cory Wharton Announces Break from The Challenge

Cory's taking some time off. This isn't a retirement, and it might not even be a choice.

On The Challenge: Aftermath, Cory discussed his time on Spies, Lies and Allies. He has been on three consecutive seasons, but this week he got eliminated before getting to the final.

Being on The Challenge can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a struggle at times. Cory has two children at home, and competing on a Challenge means he needs to spend time away from them. Apparently Cheyenne (the mother of Ryder- his first daughter) called him while he was filming this season. Ryder was missing her father, and wanted him to come home. Then, Taylor was also calling him as she was looking after Mila- his second daughter.

These distractions made it hard for him to focus on the game. Plus, it was hard for him to be in the house and focus on the strategic side of the game. While he may have been friends with Josh, the Big Brother alliance never talked about gameplay with him. He felt like he was backed into a corner with Nelson.

With all of this in mind, Cory wants to take some time off. He has gone on TikTok and revealed his financial situation has allowed him to spend more time off camera and with his family. He also revealed he declined an invitation to appear on All Stars to spend more time with his daughters.

This is not a retirement. Likely, he will just spend a couple of seasons away while his daughters are young. Of course, there are other reasons he might not want to appear on the show. He will not be on the Spies, Lies and Allies reunion because production required him to be vaccinated.

Production has needed to deal with additional quarantines due to break-through COVID cases. So, they will likely required eligible populations to be vaccinated prior to competing on upcoming seasons. Cory’s decision not to be vaccinated may disqualify him from participating in upcoming seasons, whether or not he wants to.

You never know. This could be an emotional announcement, and things often change in the Challenge world. Cory might change his mind, or the money might be too hard to pass up.


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