Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 14

The most important moments on Episode 14 of Spies Lies & Allies

The emerald team has six players, but can they stay intact another week?

1. Two Out of Three

Amanda knows she’s on the worst team, and she wants to be on the best team. Josh is one of her few friends in the house, and she talks to him about moving onto the emerald team if she wins an elimination. Part of the conversation is knowing which spot to take. Josh confesses that he wants to run with Kaycee and Nany in the final if he has a choice. So, Amanda is eyeing Tori’s spot on the emerald team. It seems like Josh just threw a friend under the bus, but he might have been manipulated by Amanda.

2. 25 Tiles Under the Sea

This mission is brought to us by some direct-to-streaming Top Gun reboot, and the game is all about staying cool under pressure. In Submerged, the cast will be placed in a plane that’s getting submerged underwater. As the plane goes underwater, it starts to fill up The goal is to collect 25 tiles inside and outside of the plane. Coming up for air will cost time, and the fastest team to get all 25 tiles and solve the puzzle will become The Agency and win a special prize. The hardest part: the answer key for the puzzle is under a wing and it’s a deep dive to see it. The emerald team goes first, and they don’t do so well. They can’t find their final tile, and it ends up being tied to Josh. Then, they don’t understand how the answer key works because they don’t know how to read left to right. So, they have a few mistakes along the way. The ruby team goes second, but they struggle as well. Amanda has to follow Kyle and Nelson’s lead because Big T can’t dive to see the answer key… needless to say this goes poorly. They struggle to find all the pieces and they can’t communicate well. In the end, they run out of time and lose. Finally, the sapphire time goes. Ashley is the puzzle master, which is perfect because she’s a puzzle wiz and has the loudest voice. They’re getting though the puzzle with ease, but they can’t find the final piece. Emy finds it, throws it on the puzzle and wins for the team. Now, they’re safe and get to watch that Top Gun movie.

3. Top Gunner

The emerald team has finally lost, and the ruby team is still struggling. Amanda knows most people will call her out if they’re voted into elimination, so she starts to toy with the idea of nominating herself. Then, no one will be safe and she can pick her opponent. Kaycee, Big T, Tori, and Nany are all talking. Amanda comes over and tells them her idea. All of the girls get upset because they think it’s a plot to make them skeptical… and it is. Nany gets particularly mad when Amanda tells Kaycee she wouldn’t be 100% safe.

4. Emerald City Thief

At deliberation, three of the four members of The Agency arrive, and Amanda’s plan is causing havoc again. Devin calls her out for playing a “toxic” game. He feels Amanda shouldn’t try to sabotage others after they helped her all season. Amanda disagrees, because she doesn’t want to stay on a losing team. All of the rookies are gone, so she has to take a shot at the emerald team. The two get into a screaming match, until Josh chimes in. Amanda brings up the conversations from earlier and now Tori knows she’s at the bottom of his list. She feels disposable, but she doesn’t have power. Ultimately, Amanda gets sent into The Lair after the deliberation.

5. Beam Me Up

At The Lair, TJ announces “Ashley broke one of the rules” and has been “deactivated.” More on that later.

Amanda has the power to pick her opponent and she chooses Big T. She wants to come back to the game, and Big T is her best option. The game is Vault Escape and the goal is to unlock poles and pull them out. Then, they move onto the next one, creating a ladder of poles. The final step is taking a leap of faith and ringing a bell to win. Big T tries to use force to get the poles out of position, but Amanda makes small, meticulous moves. At one point Big T starts to catch up, but Amanda pulls ahead again. This discourages Big T and Amanda finally rings the bell and wins. BUT, Ashley left a vacancy in the game and Big T gets to stay.

Big T is back on the ruby team, and Amanda steals Tori’s spot on the emerald team. Now, Tori is on ruby.

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