Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Why Exactly Was Devin Mad at Tori?

On episode 15 of Spies, Lies and Allies we saw an argument between Tori and Devin. The two former teammates argued because Tori didn’t allow the emerald team to win Boom Raiders. Granted, Tori isn’t even on that team any more. Amanda took her spot last week.

Only one team wins the mission, and neither Devin nor Tori’s teams won. Tori and Devin had been working together all season, even before there were three teams. In Devin’s eyes their alliance isn’t defined by the color of their jerseys. It’s defined by their acts of loyalty.

Devin comes across as very entitled in his discussion with Tori, and he is. There’s also some truth to the fact that Tori has no allegiance to Nelson or Kyle. If the ruby team won, those two would have been granted immunity. Throughout the game, Tori has worked with Devin, Emanuel, and Josh.

Last week this seemed to change when Josh encouraged Amanda to take Tori’s spot if she was going to swap onto the emerald team. Tori knew she wasn’t valued on her team like Kaycee and Nany were.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Tori wants to play to win, and she’s not entitled to keep helping Devin win. In the end, Devin wasn’t the one sent to elimination. Even though the emerald team’s men were eligible, Josh had to face Kyle in The Lair.

As the end of the season approaches, it’s clear that the veterans’ alliance will crumble. Even if Tori has respect for Devin, she knows he’s not going to throw the next mission and grant her immunity from The Lair. He’s going to fight to keep Kaycee & Nany safe. It’s a numbers game, and the ruby team doesn’t offer much to Devin.

Ultimately, Tori owes Devin nothing. The two did work well together, but there’s no reason for Tori to sacrifice her game for the sake of Devin’s. There’s certainly no reason for Devin to argue with Tori to the point of tears. But he did, and their relationship is now strained.

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