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Nelson Thomas Knocked Out in Las Vegas Attack

Nelson is recovering after an attack in Las Vegas last week. The Challenge star was unexpectedly punched, kicked in the face, and knocked out while talking to a woman.

TMZ originally reported that Nelson was flirting with the woman, but Nelson has stated he was merely talking to her. The perpetrator admitted he acted out of jealousy, anger, and drunkenness. The next thing Nelson knew, he was being woken up after a surprise attack. He was in pain and had a broken nose.

Nelson says the attack was an attempt to steal his jewelry… a $10,000 chain to be exact.

Jewelry aside, Scuba Nelly will be OK! He did break parts of his nose, it had to be reset, but it should heal. He expects some bruising and swelling, but he should be fully recovered in a few weeks.

Nelson has talked about the experience on Instagram. He’s all smiles now, and I’m happy to hear he’s doing OK. Hopefully he gets justice… or at least a new chain.

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