Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 15

The most important moments on Episode 15 of Spies Lies & Allies

Big T is back, Ashley is out, Amanda caused waves.

1. Odd Gem Out

Tori is on the ruby team, and she’s not happy. Her team is full of losers, but CT has a thought: what if ruby won? It wouldn’t be the worst situation for him because it makes Logan and Emanuel, the two remaining rookies, eligible for elimination. He also knows the emerald cell has more people than anyone else, so it would benefit the sapphire and ruby teams to watch them lose. Tori likes the sound of this and wants to work with CT next time she has the chance.

2. OK Boomer

This mission is a headbanger. In Boom Raiders, competitors will need to race down a trench and redeem sticks of dynamite for their opponents. Each team has 10, but the first team to acquire 20 will win the mission. Similar to T-Bone on Rivals, the paths intersect in the middle, allowing for collisions. Immediately, Kyle goes for the sapphire team’s dynamite. This is a dumb move because sapphire and ruby had a handshake agreement to target emerald. CT is mad, even though Kyle claims it was a mistake. Now, ruby is getting targeted. Most of the ruby cell is targeting emerald, the three sapphire players are targeting emerald, and the emerald cell is targeting ruby. As the rounds progress, frustrations get exposed. Devin feels personally attacked by Tori who is trying to get her own team to win, Kaycee charges into Tori, and Kyle tries to sabotage Josh. All of these arguments allow the sapphire cell to slide by and win the mission.

3. Ruby Wrath

We return from the mission, and Devin is mad at Tori. He claims Tori stole the emerald team’s dynamite every time she had the chance, and it’s true. She’s on the ruby team now, why would she fight for the emerald to win? But three of her biggest allies are on the emerald team: the three men, and they’re all on the chopping block now. Tori’s upset, because she knows that she can’t play for two teams. She cries, but she’s not the only questionable person on the ruby team.

4. Snake or Mistake

The bigger fight erupts between CT and Kyle. Kyle’s now on the chopping block because he stole dynamite from the sapphire team. CT says he sees a pattern with Kyle. He makes a shady move then asks for forgiveness, but they’re never mistakes. So Kyle knows his game is in jeopardy. However, he’s more hurt because he felt that CT was his friend and CT isn’t reciprocating the feeling. If he’s called down, Kyle says there’s a 70% chance he’ll call out Emanuel and a 30% chance he calls out Josh. At deliberation, Devin and Josh claim they’ve helped the members of The Agency in the game. So, they don’t want to get called down. Nelson says he’ll fight if he has to, and Emanuel flat-out asks to “slide by.” Then Kyle talks. He says he’ll call out Emanuel in The Lair and steal Logan’s spot if given the chance. CT and Logan don’t take kindly to these threats, and Kyle becomes the compromised agent.

5. Single Crossed

At The Lair, Kyle sees two beam. He thinks balance will be involved, an he calls out Josh. The elimination is called Burning Bridges. The goal is to climb a ladder, jump, ring a bell, and collect a plank. If you miss the bell, you don’t get a plank. Once all 16 planks are collected, the winner runs across his bridge, flips a switch and burn his bridge. As the game progresses, Josh starts moving slower, but the bell is swinging. This results in Kyle missing, but Josh misses as well. It’s clear that speed isn’t the only factor here, and the two guys progress at similar paces. As the game moves forward, it remains close but Kyle is always one pace ahead. Josh has 15 planks, but Kyle gets his 16th. He wins and sends Josh home.

True to his word, Kyle steals Logan’s spot on the sapphire team and sends Logan to ruby.

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