Challenge: All Stars 2

The Challenge All Stars 2: Episode 3 Old School Overview

All the old school moments to make Episode 3 of All Stars 2 make sense.

Another All Stars episode in the book. Here, I will recap the old-school moments that influenced the episode. If you want to know everything that happened, just stream the show on Paramount+.

1. Braided Relationship

We open the episode was Sophia and Ayanna being excited to see each other. Sophia only did one season: Battle of the Sexes 2, and Ayanna was there too. Ayanna offers to braid Sophia’s hair, but she opts for a style Sophia had as a child, and was made fun of. Ayanna insists it would look good, but Sophia was triggered by this. The two get into a fight that lingers outside of their bedroom, and their friendship starts to crumble.

2. The Selection Process

The challenge is called Around the Block which requires competitors to solve two puzzles. They need to run and retrieve some bigger puzzle pieces for the first puzzle and swim and get pieces for the second puzzle. To make it harder, the puzzle boards are on a pyramid. To be honest, this game is much more of a Survivor competition than a Challenge competition, but it is slightly reminiscent of Puzzle Pyramid on Gauntlet 3.

3. The Safety Dance

The teams needed to choose captains: Ryan & Ayanna on one side and Tina & Darrell on the other. Tina & Darrell win, and the losing captains are going straight into elimination… except Ayanna. She has a lifeshield from winning last week. So she replaces herself with Sophia. We’ve seen lifeshields before, but we’ve never seen them used like this.

4. Bedroom Alliance

As a winner, Darrell needs to work with Tina to nominate two men and two women. Darrell wants to keep a lot of people safe because he shares a room with them: namely, Jonna, Cohutta, and MJ. This type of friendship is common on the show. Friends tend to bunk together and work together.

5. Switcheroo Deja Vu

Tina wants to call out Jodi because they had an argument on The Inferno 2. This was the infamous “switcheroo” where the good guys picked a badass based on their nominated player. Tina still holds resentment all these years later, but Jodi’s also a great competitor. Getting her out of the game is a good strategy.

6. Saving Steve

For some reason, Darrell acts like he doesn’t know Steve, but the two did The Gauntlet together. He’s also shocked that Tina wants to keep Steve safe, but she was also on the Road Rules team on The Gauntlet. Steve and Tina bonded because they were the only two competitors with Asian heritage.

7. ProTECKtion

Nehemiah uses his lifeshield to save Teck. Why? Because he sent Teck home last season and doesn’t want him to go home early again. Nehemiah’s a nice guys sometimes.

8. Losers and Winners

At the deliberation, Sophia claims she’d be honored if she competed against a beast like Jodi in elimination. In all actuality, Jodi has never won an elimination before. Her only elimination was on The Inferno 2 and she lost to Veronica.

9. Fireballs

The elimination is called Fireballs, and it’s just Tic Tac Toe. The catch: the balls are on fire. This worked much better than Balls of Fire on Vendettas or Fire Ball on Total Madness. But, it did cause some complications for Sophia when Jodi dropped her ball. Ultimately, Cohutta and Jodi win and Ryan and Sophia are sent home.

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