Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 16

The most important moments on Episode 16 of Spies Lies & Allies

Josh is gone and everyone got over it really quickly.

1. Teams in Turmoil

With Kyle on the emerald team, Emy is nervous. She feels that he came onto the team with animosity, and two people who are mad at each other can’t work together. Now, she’s the only girl on a team with tension on it. Meanwhile, Tori asks Devin for an apology after their fight last week. Devin refuses, admitting no wrong and unable to understand how she could go so hard for a new team and new alliance. Tori is disappointed and on the verge of tears again. She loved being on the emerald team, but she can’t fight for a team she isn’t on. So Devin doesn’t really apologize, and he might have lost a real friend?

2. Worth the Weight

TJ opens a safe, and there’s no bomb- there’s $1,000,000. The mission is called Million Dollar Heist, and the teams need to transfer all of their money from a vault to an SUV. TJ lets the cast know that the money weighs over 2,000 lbs., and teams only have 2 bags to transport the money. As the competition progresses, it’s clear this will be a game of endurance. Devin starts to show signs of weakness on the emerald team, but Amanda proves to be a helpful and smart player when she figures out how to pack bags more effectively. Somehow, the ruby team seems to be in the lead. They’re doing well until Big T gets in the wrong car. This doesn’t hurt anything, but her team starts yelling at her. They’re clearly frustrated, but they’re neck-and-neck with the emerald team at the end. Ruby realizes they can’t pack all of their money in their bags, and emerald knows they’ll lose if they need to make additional trips. So, they get everything packed and secure another win.

3. Friendtimidation

With the emerald team in power, options are very limited. It’s clear Big T will be going into The Lair, but they don’t want to give her the power to pick her opponent. So, they toy with the idea of throwing in Tori. In this scenario Tori gets to pick her opponent (most likely Big T) and she’ll be more likely to win. Then, she can come back and join the emerald cell and kick Amanda off. Tori doesn’t like this idea, and she tells Devin that he’ll really lose a friend if he throws her in. Despite some heated words, Tori is safe after deliberation. Big T is sent to the Lair.

4. The Real Weapon

During deliberation, Tori claimed she didn’t want to be “weaponized.” After leaving The Chamber, Emy emerges mad. She feels she’s been weaponized all season, and she believe she’ll be going into elimination now that Big T has the choice. She confronts Emanuel who isn’t very remorseful. He has a Romanian bond with Emy, but he’s also kind of in a relationship with Tori and he doesn’t want to be forced to choose.

5. Ice Cold Goodbye

At The Lair, we see ice baths and puzzle pieces. Big T picks Emy as her opponent because she’s not good at puzzles. In License to Chill. Competitors jump into an tub of ice water, swim across, and ring a bell. Once the bell is rung they can work on completing a puzzle. First person to solve the puzzle wins, but TJ will blow a horn periodically to tell the players to dive back in. As soon as the girls jump into the water they remark on how cold it is. Big T is confident in the puzzle, but CT offers to help Emy. As the game progresses, Big T starts to realize CT is taking Emy under his wing. She’s a bit hurt because that was her partner last season. Big T thinks she’s close to winning, but realizes one of her pieces won’t quite fit. She needs to restart, but Emy snags the win from under her nose.

Now that Big T is really gone, Emy returns to the sapphire team to be with Uncle CT. But TJ leaves the players with a warning: don’t get too comfortable.

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