Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 17

The most important moments on Episode 17 of Spies Lies & Allies

Can the ruby team finally win something?

1. Bombs Away

The cast shows up to an old sight: heights over water. The mission is called Dead Drop. There’s two platforms with a “gauntlet” in between. In other words, there’s a balance beam with some obstacles. Teams need to run back and forth to retrieve capsules and bring them back to the original platform. There are 10 capsules total, and the team with the most bombs in the fastest time wins. The catch? The other two teams can swing “bombs” and try to knock players off the platform. Sapphire goes first, and CT quickly figures out how to use the bombs to his advantage. He throws them back and uses the momentum to swing to the base platform. However, Kyle is clumsy, drops bombs, and gets knocked off. So, CT retrieves seven and posts a decent score. Ruby goes second, and they must think the goal is to swim, because they only retrieve two capsules. Finally emerald goes. Nany and Amanda fail strategically, and the team ends up with 7 capsules… just like sapphire. It comes down to time, and the sapphire team wins.

2. Friends Til The Near End

Kyle gloats as he becomes part of The Agency. He’s a winner, but now he needs to return some favors. His goal: keep Devin safe. Throughout the season the two friends have looked out for each other, but Devin has his worries. We’re hitting the point where people will do anything to survive, so who knows what type of stunts will be pulled. While Kyle won’t vote for Devin, he needs to try to ensure the nominee doesn’t call him out in The Lair.

3. Million Dollar Silence

In The Chamber, Nelson and Devin ask not to be the house vote, but promise to give it all they have if they end up in The Lair. Then, Emanuel goes and asks the agency to “change their mind” if they’re considering sending him in. Logan stays quiet, and Emanuel doesn’t give any more insight. The Agency doesn’t have a lot to go off of, and neither rookie is making a convincing argument… or any argument for that matter. When it becomes time to vote, Logan gets sent down thanks to Emy’s alliance with Emanuel.

4. The Secret in Success

Prior to deliberation, Nelson made a handshake agreement with Logan to protect each other. As members of the ruby team, they want to have some sense of security because they’re not earning it by winning. Yet all three eligible men feel uneasy. Logan never indicated where his loyalties lied. When the cast gets to The Lair, there’s still confusion, but Emanuel is called down.

5. Seconds to Lose

The elimination is called Rocket Run, and it’s a battle of endurance. The men have 15 seconds to flip lever 1, race to the opposite side of the Lair and jump over a “rocket” in the process, flip lever 2, and return to lever 1. First person to fail to complete the course in 15 seconds loses. At first, the sprints are completed in under five seasons. Emanuel can scale the rocket with ease, and Logan’s having no issues either. So, TJ eventually lowers the time to 10 seconds. This proves to be more difficult, and both players feel the burn. But, Logan eventually stumbles. He doesn’t even try to get up, and Emanuel gets the win.

Emanuel wins, but TJ sends him back to “the group.” There are 5 men and 5 women, but TJ deems this a “night of eliminations.” Before the night is over, 2 more players will be going home.

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