Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

A Night of Eliminations: Who Will Survive?

The final is approaching, but there isn’t room for everyone. Which guy and girl are in the most trouble?

At the end of episode 17, TJ announced that there was a surprising night of eliminations. Ten competitors remain in the game. Likely, one male and one female will leave.

We don’t exactly know what this elimination entails. However, we do know some people aren’t going to see the other side. The question remains: who’s about to get screwed over right before the final.


Kaycee- Most likely, Kaycee is in the best stop directly before the final. She’s not amazing at puzzles, nor is she a math wiz, but she’s not the worst. She will give it her all, and other girls are in fear of her.

Emy– As the sole rookie, Emy is in a unique position. She has 4 elimination wins, and has proven herself to be a tough competitor. With this track record, especially beating Big T in a puzzle, she has intimidated other players. If she’s in elimination, the odds seem to be in her favor.

Tori- While Tori has done well this season, her attitude is a bit different from other seasons. She’s actively avoiding elimination, and she’s playing a much more strategic game. This makes sense considering she lost eliminations on Total Madness and Double Agents. This might make her a target, but she does have the support of most of the men. If they find themselves in the final, Tori’s a desirable partner. Yet some of the girls would like to see her taken out of the game. Her chance of surviving this elimination is strong, but not the strongest.

Amanda- Depending on the formatting for the elimination, Amanda could be the easy target or an obvious victor. Think of the Underdog purge on Invasion. Amanda smoked the rest of the girls in the puzzle. If there’s a Hall Brawl her size is going to hurt her. I’d expect Amanda has the biggest target, but she said also prepared to fight. After an elimination win earlier this season, she’s got a chance of winning.

Nany- Thus far, Nany hasn’t don’t much this season. She’s been on winning teams, but a lot of her strategy is failing deliberately so her teammates could carry her. Nany’s accustomed to getting far in the game only to lose right before the final. Kaycee might have her back, but if history tells us anything, she’s an easy target. Other girls won’t overlook this.


CT- This season has been a good one for CT. He’s avoided conflict and won a lot. That doesn’t make him immune, but it does mean he’ll be a tough person to beat. He doesn’t have an obvious weakness, so players will need to rely on strategy or superstition. Strategy would say to avoid CT at all costs. Superstition tells us he’s never won a final elimination, but he’s lost it on The Duel, Rivals, and Free Agents.

Nelson- Despite being on the ever-failing ruby team, Nelson has a great elimination record. On paper, it’s better than CT’s. But he’s also no puzzle wiz and he does seem to struggle in Hall Brawl. His weak spots might be obvious, but his heart might be unmatched. If you call him out, prepare for a fight.

Devin– Perhaps the biggest wild card, Devin has been a bit of a leader this season. He’s excelled in a lot of missions, but he also doesn’t have the size and strength of CT. If we look at his track record from prior seasons, he’s lost a lot. He has also defeated a lot of big names. If you call out Devin, expect a crafty player, but not invincible one.

Kyle- Kind of similar to Nany, Kyle has played a lot and been eliminated right before a lot of finals. Puzzles aren’t his thing, and while he’s put a great fight into Hall Brawls he’s doesn’t have a great record. After a season of continuous mistakes, he might have a big target on his back. However, his elimination record is much better than Nany’s and his history in Pole Wrestle proves he’s a fighter.

Emanuel- Size might be a factor, and that’s not going to work in Emanuel’s favor. However, he’s really fast. If speed is a factor he might win. Unlike Emy, he doesn’t have a huge track record. He just has one win and that leaves a lot of question marks. He’s a risk, but the most obvious risk to take.


  1. Can we even call Emy’s win against Big T, “her win” when she got help with the puzzle from CT. She didn’t win against Big T, her and CT won against Big T. Not sure if she would have won without the help.

    1. I mean she still did the physical part and it’s not like outside of Amanda the girls left are good at puzzles. In Fact Kaycee and Tori are actively bad at them. I wouldn’t want Emy unless its a puzzle vs. Amaada

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