Challenge: All Stars 2

The Challenge All Stars 2: Episode 4 Old School Overview

All the old school moments to make Episode 4 of All Stars 2 make sense.

All Stars 2 is heating up. Here, I will recap the old-school moments that will influence the episode. If you want to know everything that happened, just stream the show on Paramount+.

1. A House Divided

Two alliances form. One side has Darrell, MJ, Cohutta, Derrick, and Brad. The other has Nehemiah, Laterrian, Steve, Melinda, and Teck. Katie falls in the middle. During her time on Challenges, she became close with Derrick. On Road Rules, she was on the show with Steve. She knows Derrick might be the better competitor on The Challenge, but the alliances make her pick between two friendships.

2. Manipulative Derrick

Derrick asks Nehemiah if he’s still mad that Derek was put into elimination over Ryan, and Nehemiah holds some resentment. He calls Derrick manipulative and tells him not to play a manipulative game. He says he used to look up to Derrick because he was an underdog, a reputation Derrick earned on The Gauntlet 2 when he needed to eliminate players like Syrus, Brad, and Adam L. in Gauntlets.

3. The High Life

Bright Skies is a trivia challenge suspended over heights. Some competitors have been notoriously scared of heights. While TJ calls out Darrell, Casey, and Katie, Katie’s fears resurface. She overcame the fear during Bungee Bound on The Inferno, but the fear led her to quit Over the Edge on Gauntlet 3… and now Bright Skies.

4. Reliving the Past

The trivia questions include a lot of throwbacks. Players had to name: individual Challenge winners, competitors with multiple wins, elimination arena names, and countries where the Challenge was filmed more than once. Casey wins for the girls, and she’s elated because she always had the reputation of being an airhead. Meanwhile, Steve wins for the guys. For both players, it’s their first individual win.

5. The Perfect Set-Up

Steve & Casey concoct a plan to get Derrick to face Brad (the Challenge loser) in elimination. Meanwhile, Katie is automatically in elimination because she quit. Due to her relationship with Steve, she hopes her one request will be honored: don’t make her compete against Kendal. The two were roommates at one point, and Kendal eliminated Katie on All Stars 1. Yet Kendal’s name is put on the board because Casey believes she’d vote to keep Derrick safe. As a nominee, she gets no vote.

6. Sleeping In Her Uniform

At deliberation, Ayanna takes off her outfit and reveals her pajamas: her uniform. It’s a play on her “I slept in my uniform last night because I wanted to win today” line from Battle of the Sexes 2. Meanwhile, Brad’s opponent is Derrick which sends him into deja vu. The two men competed against each other in Beach Brawl on Gauntlet 2 and Derrick won.

7. The Wrong Quest

In Weight…There’s More Katie loses to Ayanna. Katie isn’t happy about this season because she feels betrayed by Steve. She claims she was the only one who had his back, and he was more focused on his own game than protecting her. Now, she was sent home because Steve made an easy move and sent Ayanna back into elimination.

8. Gauntlet 2.0

Meanwhile, Brad gets his revenge from The Gauntlet 2. He sends Derrick home, but it’s not that sweet. The two were working together this season.

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