Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 18

The most important moments on Episode 18 of Spies Lies & Allies

We’re back, and it’s a night of elimination.

1. Gone Girl

We return to The Lair, and TJ confirms it’s a night of eliminations. He disbands all teams, dismisses The Agency, and we’re headed straight to elimination. First, players vote for a female to go in. Everyone votes for Amanda aside from Nelson and Amanda herself. So, Amanda has her pick of opponents. She decides to go big and send in Tori.

2. Down to the Last Drop

Amanda and Tori are playing Drone Drop, and it’s basically the same thing as Drone Ball Drop from War of the Worlds. A drone flies out, drops a football, and the competitors need to get it into their goal. Score twice and you win. Amanda proves she’s scrappy in the first round, and she tackles Tori to the ground while trying to get the ball. But, Tori has moves. She flings the ball and grabs Amanda’s leg. Now, she’s carrying Amanda to the ball. Amanda doesn’t fight until Tori tries to pick up the ball, but it doesn’t matter. Tori gets the first goal. The second heat is an easier battle for Tori. Amanda tries, but Tori gets the ball quickly, scores her second goal, and wins.

3. One Last Rookie Mistake

Now, it’s time for the men to compete. Tori votes in Nelson, but the bulk of the cast honors the veterans’ alliance. So, every other veteran votes in Emanuel. Of course, Nelson is mad at Tori for the vote even though he voted her into elimination. Regardless, Emanuel has to pick his opponent and he selects Devin. Based on size, this might be a smart move for a physical elimination. In reality, the elimination is a puzzle.

4. Piece of Mind

Emanuel and Devin are playing Triple Threat, and it’s a series of three “mind-bending” puzzles. The first has six colors on a 6×6 grid. The goal is to rearrange the pieces so every row and column has no repeating colors. Somehow, Emanuel solves it much faster than Devin and takes the lead. The second puzzle has the numbers 1-9 in a 3×3 grid. The goal is to arrange the numbers so all rows, columns, and diagonals have the same sum. Emanuel doesn’t know the answer, but Tori starts to help him. This pisses off the veterans even more. Soon, Devin completes his first puzzle and speeds through the second because he’s seen it before (maybe on Puzzle Pyramid on Free Agents or the Bloodlines final). He knows the goal is to add to 15, then Tori spills the beans to Emanuel. Now, Devin is on the third puzzle, and it’s a bit of a kaleidoscope. The pieces have halves of diamonds in four colors, and the goal is to make solid diamonds in the center. Devin finds it confusing, and Emanuel joins him at this stage. Now, it’s a race. Both men solve the puzzle to a point where they’re only off by one piece. Then, Devin sees his flaw. He takes the win and sends Emanuel home. It’s confirmed, the eight remaining players are in the final.

5. Let the End Begin

The final is here, and we start off with our first checkpoint. Competitors need to solve a puzzle, race to a helicopter, then take a “leap of faith” into the water. The puzzle seems to be a map of the world and players must add flags corresponding to castmates’ countries of origin. CT solves it first, but he forgets to disassemble the puzzle. So, Nany claims she’s going to copy him. Tori finishes second, then Nelson, then Devin, then Kaycee, then Kyle. Now, Emy and Nany are left. Emy knocks her USA flag onto the ground which confuses her and costs time. Copycat Nany is the eighth and final person to the helicopter. Then, players jump from the helicopter in the orders they arrived.

After the jump into the water, the final looks like missions we’ve seen before. Instead of swimming, the cast uses wave-riders to get through the water. Then, they run through rocks and mountains and solve a puzzle. Nelson arrives at this puzzle first, but many competitors are stumped. Devin is the only one who solves it quickly, and he races to discover that players are joining “cells.” So the whole first leg of the final was simply an effort to form cells. Devin, CT, Tori, and Emy are the purple cell while Kyle, Nelson, Nany, and Kaycee make the orange cell.

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