Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies, Lies and Allies: What We Learned from The Reunion

All the hot gossip from the Spies, Lies and Allies reunion,

Welcome to the reunion. The show filmed nine months ago, aired six months ago, and we’re talking about it now.

Maria Menounos hosted, which is always a good pick.

Segment 1:

Kaycee talks about winning and CT Zoomed in. They were happy they won, Kaycee said she’s fine splitting the money with good people.

Then we talk about Emy stealing CT as a partner. Berna was mad because Emy lied about her intentions. CT admits they lied to Berna, but it was part of the game.

Segment 2:

Tacha and Tori talked about their drama. Tacha felt Tori was fake because Tori asked who she’d like to face in The Lair then blatantly disregarded the suggestions. Tori apologized, and they feel they can move on.

Then we start talking about Amber and Kaycee’s drama.

Segment 3:

We talk about Pizzagate 2.0. Kaycee reiterated that she felt Amber was untrustworthy, but Amber felt like she never betrayed the Big Brother alliance. Kaycee says Amber was screaming “fuck Big Brother,” but Amber claims she only did that after she was sent into elimination.

Regarding the pizza itself, we still don’t know who took it. Nelson, Priscilla, and Hughie were all suspects.

Segment 4:

We talk about Fessy challenging CT to a boxing match. Fessy maintains he’d win, but CT says he’d punch Fesssy’s face in.

Then, we talk about Amanda and Tori’s beef with Amanda. Amanda says Tori is fake, and Tori says Amanda thrives in negativity. While Amanda did give Tori props for performing well in the game, she doesn’t feel like they can be friends outside of this show.

Segment 5:

We talk about the hookups. We hear Ashley hooked up with Josh… allegedly. Fessy and Bettina had a thing. Tori was with Kelz, but they didn’t really hook up. Ashley and Gabo also kissed, which might have been the motivation for Nelson to move on and hook up with Berna.

Michele felt upset because Emanuel moved on from her and hooked up with Tori. Those two are still friends; Tori even went to Romania and met Emanuel’s grandmother. Then, we learn Michele hooked up with Fessy after the show.

Then we move to the Fessy and Amanda relationship. Apparently, Michele’s hook-up with Fessy severed ties between Amanda and Michele. We also learn Fessy really hurt Amanda. They hung out after filming, but Fessy hooked up with other girls. So Amanda has moved past him because he’s “about the single life” and she’s not looking for that right now.

Segment 6:

Nany & Kaycee are still very much together. Nany called Kaycee the love of her life, and she’s moving to San Diego. We also learn that Nany basically threw the final elimination to Kaycee so she wouldn’t have a hard fall that would impact her chances of winning.

Segment 7:

We slightly address CT’s attitude toward Big T. She feels like CT was being a bit patronizing when he encouraged her but then talked shit in the confessionals. CT admits he was indirect, but it doesn’t hurt to be encouraging.

Tacha and Esther did not have an alliance, and they’re not really friends. They were kind of friendly before the season, but they have beef now because of social media or whatever.

Segment 8:

We talk about Josh saving Logan over Cory. Josh says they drifted apart because Cory was working with different rookies, but Cory says Logan is a rookie too. Josh says he’d like to repay Cory on a future season, but he has no regrets.

Then we move on to Tori helping Emanuel in the final elimination instead of Devin. Tori says she wishes she shut up, but Devin says it was a tough pill to swallow. Tori says she made a mistake, but Amanda points out that Tori always makes “mistakes” with her friends to demonstrate how fake she is.

Segment 9 :

Amanda made a tweet about a “fake ass bitch,” and she was referring to Fessy for reasons already discussed.

Tacha says she has a crush on TJ, and he Zooms in from an undisclosed location.

Segment 10:

Emy sings her song “Alien.”

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