Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Kaycee Has Won The Challenge. What’s Her Legacy?

Kaycee is our second Big Brother winner. Will she be remembered for more?

For the second time this year, we watched a Big Brother alumna win The Challenge. On Double Agents, we saw Amber win. On Spies, Lies and Allies, Kaycee got the title.

Both girls had different journeys to the end. As much as Amber fought, her championship title will likely be attributed to her partnership with CT. On the other hand, Kaycee stands out as a fighter.

Kaycee has only done three seasons, but she made the final every time. Clearly, she plays a good game. On her prior seasons she had to win eliminations to get skulls and run the finals. This season didn’t have that twist, so Kaycee coasted by. She got to the final without ever facing an elimination, though the accomplishment is not without its merits. She won a lot in the beginning with Emanuel and later with the emerald cell.

Throughout her time on The Challenge Kaycee has benefited from her Big Brother alliance. On her first season, she entered the house with 3 other cast mates from BB20, and she’s close with Josh. Unlike most other rookies, she immediately had numbers. She was also well-liked by veterans and was able to assimilate into the core social circle easily.

Kaycee will always be regarded as a strong player, but she will never get an underdog edit. Most people acknowledge that her background makes her an obvious pick for The Challenge and she never really had to fight for survival. Yes, she got skulls on earlier seasons, but she benefited from physical eliminations that catered to her strengths.

There’s a good chance Kaycee only won because of CT. Her biggest weakness comes to puzzles and numbers. On the other hand, CT is great with everything. While time will make Kaycee a standout competitor and one of the toughest girls on the show, her performance in the Spies, Lies and Allies final was not that impressive.

Despite this, she will also have a badass reputation. Other girls will fear her and the guys will want to be her partner. Her future on The Challenge is looking bright.

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