Fresh Meat & Free Agents Added to Netflix

Netflix adds two new Challenge seasons.

If you search for The Challenge on Netflix you’ll see the elusive “new episodes” tag. The good news: Netflix has different seasons on the platform. The bad news: The Inferno 2 is gone.

Netflix has added Fresh Meat and Free Agents to the service. In the process, The Inferno 2 and The Duel were taken off. Of course, The Duel is still on Paramount+.

It’s great to see a change on Netflix, but it’s a bummer that The Inferno 2 is gone since we can’t legally get it anywhere else. It also would have been nice to get a season we can’t access on Paramount+. People have speculated we got Inferno 2 because it features Queer Eye star Karamo. Now, Theo Von has a new comedy special on the service. It makes sense to add Fresh Meat for that reason, but Battle of the Sexes 2 showcases him more (and it isn’t available elsewhere).

Still, this shows Netflix will switch things up. That means we could get something different in the future.

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  1. Nice the challenge that started the slight decline of the challenge and then the last real challenge season before producers started the slow death decline of the show

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