The Challenge

Kam and Leroy Announce Pregnancy

The next generation of Kamroy is on the way.

Challenge fans began the holiday season with an exciting announcement: Leroy & Kam are expecting a baby.

Leroy and Kam first met on Vendettas, and they solidified their relationship on later seasons like War of the Worlds 2 and Double Agents. While Kam has never officially announced a retirement from the show, Leroy claims he is done after Double Agents. Now, the two are embarking on another stage of life together.

This is super exciting and marks the beginning of a happy continuation of their relationship. Both of them have taken to Instagram to post their excitement and celebrate their new family member. Fans of the show have watched both of these two develop over the years, especially Leroy who joined The Real World in 2011. Now, their next generation is arriving.

While there is a small, selfish sense of sadness knowing Kam will be off The Challenge for a bit, this is overshadowed by the positivity that comes from their new baby. Kamroy Jr. is going to have loving parents (and amazing haircuts), and it makes me happy to see Leroy and Kam find successes in life. I wish nothing but the best for them, and hope they return to the show someday.


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