Challenge: All Stars 2

Do Nehemiah & Melinda Stand a Chance In the Final?

The Austin team is dominating right before the All Stars 2 final. Can they take it all?

This week, we saw Brad & Jodi get eliminated right before the final of All Stars 2. By many accounts, the front-running team has been eliminated. Oddly enough, all the power has fell into Nehemiah & Melinda’s hands. They won Make the Connection challenge while holding the Lifeshield. Things are looking good for the Austin duo.

This will be Melinda’s first final. Nehemiah is a Challenge champion who “won” The Gauntlet 3. Both have some accomplishments, particularly this season, but there have always been bigger teams in the game.

It’s hard to gage the best team in the game right now. It seems like it should be Darrell & Janelle, but they haven’t won anything as a team beyond the most recent elimination. The only other team to win a challenge was Jonna & MJ. Meanwhile, Teck & Ayanna have been great allies but they haven’t posed a threat.

On this season, it feels like Jonna & MJ are the front runners now. With an injured back, Janelle seems like she may have hindered her chances of winning. Nehemiah & Melinda aren’t too far behind any other teams, but we know the final requires a lot of skills.

MJ won The Gauntlet 2, can run well, and is physically strong. Jonna did very well on last season of All Stars. She’s going to round out MJ’s skills well. Melinda has never been in a final before. She’s a wild card, but could do well. Nehemiah is athletic, but MJ might be faster and stronger. However, Nehemiah is probably going to be better with puzzles.

This final has a lot of possibilities. There’s no clear front runner, and Nehemiah & Melinda have a real chance. Do they have the best odds? Probably not. But they certainly don’t have the worst.

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