The Challenge

10 Challengers Who Avoided Elimination All Season

These are the Challenge players and pairs who skated to the end without a single elimination.

When you get to the final, all seasons see some fighters ready for battle. There are people who needed to risk their lives in multiple eliminations, but there are other people who had an easier battle. Some people get to the end without needing to fight as much.

Some seasons make this accomplishment less impressive. Most of the finalists on Gauntlets and Infernos skipped all the eliminations. On paired and individual seasons, the feat is much more remarkable.

Spies, Lies and Allies was an easier season than most. Neither winner saw a single elimination prior to the final. Meanwhile, All Stars 2 was a bit more difficult, but one team did sneak to the end.

This list features the most notable people to skate to the end without an elimination. Many of these are stellar competitors, but they never had to prove it. People will be placed on the list by their perceived likelihood of going into elimination. So Janelle won’t be on this list, even though she won her rookie season (The Inferno 3) without seeing an elimination.

10. Jonna & MJ (All Stars 2)

Our most recent team to skate by, they were the finalists on All Stars to make it to the end without an Arena. They fell in a sweet spot: a strong team but not the strongest. This allowed them to avoid last place but other teams had bigger targets.

9. Nany Gonzalez (Free Agents)

Until recently, Nany had only seen one final. She made it to the end of Free Agents mostly based on luck, but this wasn’t much of a blessing. She needed to face Laurel, the warrior herself, and ultimately lost to someone who had been winning all season.

8. Rachel Robinson (The Duel 2)

There are two ways to excel on a Duel season: win and scare the other competitors. Rachel won a lot, but when she wasn’t immune, the other girls were afraid to face her in a Duel. It worked well because it led her to the end where she won.

7. Mark Long (The Duel 2)

Similar to Rachel, Mark won a lot. While he is an intimidating competitor, it’s hard to say he’s more intimidating than Landon, Evan, or Brad. Mark likely avoided eliminations for the same reasons as Rachel, plus there was a dash of respect due to his seniority.

6. Jodi Weatherton (The Duel)

Only one person made it to the end of the original Duel without seeing elimination. Jodi won a lot, but she was the clear front runner all season. When other girls had the chance to call her out, they didn’t. Going against Jodi seemed like a death sentence.

5. Devyn Simone (Free Agents)

If there was ever someone that’d have you scratching your head, it’s Devyn. On a Duel season, she likely would have been called out fairly early. Thanks to The Draw, she flipped her way to safety throughout Free Agents. She did win trivia once, but mostly, the odds were just in her favor.

4. CT & Diem (Battle of the Exes)

It’s no surprise that people would want to avoid CT in elimination. He’s known to be wild and kill anything in his path. Toward the end of Exes, it seemed like others teams should have known to send him in to get rid of a threat. It never happened because he managed to win the two final challenges with Diem.

3. Vince & Jenna (Rivals 3)

This team was sneaky, performing well most of the time but letting Bananas become the bigger target. Due to the success of their allies, they never saw elimination. Luck would even be on their side at the end when Bananas & Sarah drew a black skull, but theirs was white.

2. Leroy & Mike (Rivals)

Politics on The Challenge can be funny. While veteran player Jenn (and partner Mandi) was able to avoid The Jungle due to her alliances, the rookies flew under the radar because teams were trying to take out CT. Their go-with-the-flow attitudes worked in their favor, and they won the last challenge to secure their spots in the final.

1. Jay & Jenna (Battle of the Exes 2)

The ultimate lay-up team, these two were kept around to be easy to defeat. It worked in the end, because they quit in the final. But let’s give them some credit. They never came in last, which would have sent them straight to The Dome.


  1. I was thinking Veronica would be on this list. I know she was nominated multiple times on Inferno and was gonna go in on Gauntlet 1, but won the lifesavers multiple times. She never touched foot into an elimination until Inferno 2, against Jodi and won.

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