Champs vs. Pros

Lindsey Jacobellis Wins Gold Medal in Beijing

From Champs vs. Pros runner-up to Olympics gold medal.

A member of the extended Challenge family has achieved a major feat. Champs vs. Pros runner-up Lindsey Jacobellis won a gold medal in Beijing in the snowboardcross.

Lindsey’s medal was the first gold for Team USA in 2022, and the first in her career. The snowboarder has competed in five Winter Games, winning a silver in 2006. Now, she had the shiniest medal of them all.

It seems unlikely we’ll ever see Lindsey compete on a Challenge again, but she was a great competitor on the inaugural Champs spin-off. At age 36, she remains in great shape, because not everyone can get an Olympic gold medal.

Meanwhile, no news on the next Challenge season. Hopefully, we see season 38 before Lindsey competes in the 2026 Olympics.

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