MTV The Challenge

MTV Announces ‘The Challenge: Untold History’ Docueries

Six episodes of Challenge secrets

A six-part miniseries is coming to MTV talking about the history of The Challenge.

The show will feature 30 prior cast members like CT, Laurel, Kam, Bananas, and Landon. Other people who have contributed to the show will appear like reunion host Vernon Davis and Champs vs. Pros competitor Lindsey Jacobellis. Kim Kardashian will appear as well, for some odd reason.

Episodes will explore the secrets of the show and tell stories we haven’t seen before. Though I’d bet we’ve heard most of these stories on podcasts. Production and media analysts will also chime in to help fill in gaps.

A sneak peek will air during the MTV TV & Movie Award on Sunday, June 5, at 10 PM. No word yet when the regular episodes will air other than “summer.”


  1. Kim K has no business being anywhere near this. I watch The Challenge for the actual talent and game play not some dumb attention seeking celebs. She literally has nothing to do with anything The Challenge has to offer or has ANY history at all.

  2. Honestly, I’m interested in what Kim K has to say about the Challenge especially if she’s a big fan of the show.

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