The Challenge

Theo Campbell Begs to Return to The Challenge

Theo Campbell is ready to bring some drama back to the game.

Another Challenge veteran has expressed interest in returning, and he’s been talking about it for a while.

Theo Campbell is tweeting at the official Challenge page asking to return.

In November, he said he’d appear in the show for free. If you didn’t know, everyone gets paid to appear. Some people get a flat fee, others (mostly rookies) get paid by the week, so they earn more if they survive longer in the game. Theo said he didn’t need his appearance fee, he was playing to win.

Recently, he retracted his fee appearance statement, but he’d still like to return. He wants to be paired with his old War of the Worlds partner Cara Maria. He also wants Paulie to be on the show, but partnered with Tori. This is because Cara dislikes Tori, so she’d never throw the competition to Paulie if that meant allowing Tori to win.

Of course, we haven’t seen Theo since War of the Worlds 2, then he hurt his eye and hasn’t been on the show since. We also haven’t seen Cara and Paulie since that season, so Theo might be living in the past. But it would also be a nice change of pace to see some other strong competitors in the game.

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