The Challenge

11 Challenge Rumors That Will Change How You View the Show

11 scandalous, probably wrong, rumors I've heard in the past about The Challenge.

Challenge seasons film over the course of multiple months. A lot happens during that time, but viewers only see an edited fraction of the experience. Of course, a lot of the unaired footage is simply boring. Nobody wants to watch people sleep, eat lunch, or tan in the sun. Those boring moments are rightfully left on the cutting room floor. But there are also times when footage remains unaired to protect people.

Remember, these are all rumors. While I did not personally make them up, I can’t promise they’re real. In some cases, the rumors would tie a lot of loose ends and make sense based on the shows we’ve seen. In other cases, the rumors are super off-the-wall, but you never know. We’ve seen a lot of gossip, and sometimes there’s truth behind it.

I’m only looking at things that happened on The Challenge, so I’m not going to out anyone (IYKYK). Also, I’m not going to talk about that rumor that got people banned (you know the one) because you’ve likely already heard it.

David & Piggy- Battle of the Sexes

Early into the life of The Challenge, cast members had more freedom. As the cast was arriving to Battle of the Sexes, they met in a hotel prior to the start of filming. While there, Piggy from Road Rules: Australia was on the cast. It is alleged that David E. made vulgar comments or touched her in a manner that was inappropriate, prompting her to leave before filming started. Piggy was replaced (apparently by Gladys), just for the cast to rally behind Puck when he spit on David.

Evan’s Origins- Fresh Meat

This isn’t too scandalous, because we all know casts change and the bulk of Fresh Meat cast members auditioned for The Real World originally. Allegedly, Evan was cast on Real World Key West but he declined due to his filming dates. So who was his replacement? Johnny Bananas. It’s funny to think of an alternate universe where there’s no Bananas because Evan was on The Real World instead.

CT & The Veteran Girls- The Gauntlet 3

Despite what people want to believe, CT was pretty wild and abrasive. On The Gauntlet 3, we saw the way he treated his female teammates and their responses to his antics, like Katie calling him a liar, right? Rumor has it, that fight has little to do with the game and more to do with the fact that pills were disappearing. Katie was accusing CT of stealing medication and lying about it, perhaps this is why the edit we saw on TV was so choppy.

How Johnny Bananas Got His Name- The Island

You know, after years on the show, it’s unclear how Johnny Bananas became “Bananas.” Originally, people were told that bananas just follow him around in life, or that his only job ever was at a Banana Republic, or that he shoved a banana in his mom’s exhaust pipe. Kellyanne told a different story on The Island. In a clip that aired on Challenge Dailies (when that was a thing), she said that Bananas was hooking up with a girl but was too drunk to get it up. So, he pleasured a girl with a banana instead. Some people say this clip is scripted for the camera but does it really seem that outlandish?

Dunbar’s Winnings- Cutthroat

The Cutthroat reunion was a bit of a mess for Paula, and you hear her yelling at Dunbar and asking if he got any money. Of course, Dunbar won, but apparently, he wasn’t paid. After winning the show he appeared in a naughty video with other reality stars (like with Pumpkin from Flavor of Love and Michelle from Big Brother 11). While this is a fact, the video is rumored to be a contract violation. So, Dunbar received $0 from winning the season; I guess Paula’s 2¢ are worth more than winning

Awakening the Camilinator- Battle of the Exes

We all know Camila is a bit wild, but some people wanted her kicked off of Exes. Apparently, she took drugs in the bathroom of a club and production turned a blind eye to it. Some people, rumored to be Abe and Cara Maria by association, tried to get Camila (and therefore her partner Bananas) booted from the show. But production had already lost Dustin & Heather and Vinny & Sarah. They didn’t need to lose another team.

Bananas & Nany- Battle of the Exes 2 and Bloodlines

On Battle of the Exes 2, fans were left scratching their heads over the Bananas and Nany pairing. One season prior, Free Agents, Nany was gagging at the thought of hooking up with Bananas. Well, the pairing has a lot of validity to it. Bananas was hooking up with Nany after her Real World season, which is apparently one of his signature moves. He liked to get cozy with the new rookies who had the potential to be Challenge mainstays. Before Nany, there was his “Boston girl” Emilee Fitzpatrick (notice how they pair up on the first mission on Cutthroat). But it doesn’t end there. While in the Ex-iled house, Bananas was hooking up with Nany as well. The problem, he was dating Hannah Teter, who is referenced in his argument with Nany on Bloodlines. At the Bloodlines reunion, Bananas mentioned Hannah really doesn’t like Nany. If the rumors are true, I can’t blame her.

Zach & Brooke- Rivals 3

Despite not actually being on the cast, Zach made an impression on Rivals 3 when Jenna called him and he thought it was “Brooke” calling. Apparently, this “Brooke” was Brooke Wells: a famous CrossFit athlete. Given the fact that Zach is a CrossFitter, he might have just been trying to advance his career.

Camila’s Dreams- Dirty Thirty

During the filming of Dirty Thirty, we see Kailah stab Camila in the back later in the season. At one point, Cara Maria talks to Kailah because she “heard what Camila said.” The edit from the season would have you believe Kailah was standing up to Camila’s racist antics, but that’s not the case. Apparently, Camila told people she dreamt of harming, even killing Kailah. Security had to keep an eye on Camila because of the threats. To be fair, you really can’t control what you dream about, but you can choose who you tell your dreams to.

Ashley Secures Her Money- Final Reckoning

It can be hard to follow the final on Final Reckoning, and the times we see on TV don’t seem to help the story. Rumor has it, production asked finalists this season if they’d split the money or steal from their partner. Joss said he’d split the money, but Ashely said she’d steal. It seemed like Joss and Sylvia were the frontrunners in that final, but Ashley and Hunter were the winners. It’s believed production just wanted the moment, Ashley gave them that moment, and she got all $1 million.

Josh vs. Fessy- Spies, Lies and Allies

It’s no secret that Josh got into a fight with Fessy on Spies, Lies and Allies, but the version we saw was very edited. Apparently, Josh threw a glass at Fessy and cut him on the chin. There are some scenes where we see wetness on Fessy’s shirt. Then, Josh smashed a glass on the ground when talking to Amanda, though nothing came of that other than heated words and shattered glass. When TJ came into the house, Josh thought he’d be going home over Fessy, but people seem to be looking out for Josh.


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