Real World Homecoming

Real World Homecoming: New Orleans Trailer Arrives

Get ready for the third season of Real World: Homecoming.

The Real World: New Orleans Homecoming is officially coming to Paramount+ on April 20. The trailer has been posted to YouTube.

For the first time in all three seasons, all of the original cast members are under one roof. And from the looks of it, the season will get messy.

Julie seems to be walking into quite a few fights, Kelley claims she could walk out of the house at any moment, David changed his name to Tokyo, Matt says he’s “broken,” Danny talks about Paul and the struggles it led to, Melissa is questioning why she ever came back, and Jamie is just there.

The past two seasons have been a lot of fun, so this was a good teaser. I’m guessing MTV/ Paramount+ will pull off another good show.

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