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Zach & Jenna Officially Have Their Wedding

Zach and Jenna get their real wedding celebration.

It’s official, Zach & Jenna have celebrated their wedding.

The two are already married, and they had a small ceremony, but the pandemic derailed plans for a larger celebration. Since then, they two have welcomed their son Anthony into the world.

Of course, Jenna is stunning in her dress. Zach cleans up nicely too.

In terms of MTV presence, only a few people were there (and no cameras). Jenna’s cousin and bloodline Brianna was invited, of course. It looks like Nany was a bridesmaid and Kaycee was her plus one. Derrick K. was also there because he is engaged to one of Jenna’s good friends. Nicole Z., Laurel, Marie, Britni, and Jordan were at least at the reception.

It’s not exactly news that these two have started their lives together, but it’s nice to see them finally get to celebrate. So, congratulations to the newlyweds and their new family. 🥂

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