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Real World & Challenge Alumnus Karamo Getting Daytime Talk Show

Karamo is getting his own daytime talk show.

Another Real World alum is getting a talk show. Karamo, host of Queer Eye, will be replacing Maury’s show. This doesn’t mean he’ll be declaring people not the father like Maury did. It means the timeslot held by Maury will be filled by Karamo.

If you watched Maury over the past two years (and let’s face it, you probably haven’t), you’d know Karamo has been a guest host. Apparently, he did a pretty good job, good enough to get his own show.

The show has been picked up by 90% of US markets, so there is a chance it won’t air in your region. Like Maury, Karamo’s show is syndicated, meaning it will fill slots in networks’ schedules rather than have a firm spot in all US markets.

According to Karamo, the show will focus on a number of topics like culture, family issues, race, and infidelity. That last topic makes it seem like it’s a Maury clone, but only time will tell how many paternity tests are issued by Karamo.

This is exciting for Karamo, who claims he’s aspired to have a talk show his whole life. There’s one thing we can’t deny: he has a great name for a mononymous talk show.

It’s also crazy to look back at The Real World: Philadelphia or The Inferno 2 and see his evolution. He’s definitely grown a lot since his debut, but he seems much more confident in himself and comfortable with his identity.

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