Johnny Bananas

Wes Bergmann Joining Bananas on Celebrity Sleepover

Bananas and Wes are having a slumber party on NBC.

Wes recently took to Twitter to promote his episode of Celebrity Sleepover, Johnny Bananas’s talk show, which will air after SNL on Saturday, April. 16.

Of course, the late-night show has the host and guests in their pajamas. Wes is covered in gingerbread men and can be seen in the same slippers he got on Total Madness. Bananas looks like he’s on a cruise with his toes showing.

It seems like the two Challenge champions are having a grand ol’ time. Perhaps we’re supposed to think they’re friends now because they worked together on Total Madness. But the two are known for going on TV and turning their “rivalry” into something it isn’t.

There are also small challenges in this episode. Wes had the pleasure of feeding Bananas a pig brain on a fork.

While Bananas has had a number of other guests on the show, including roommates from The Real World Homecoming, this partnership is probably just for buzz. Maybe Wes will talk about All Stars 3, but it seems like the cast still hasn’t been announced yet. So who knows what they’ll be doing.

Either way, I’m sure this will be some fun. Maybe we’ll learn a thing or two, and I’m sure their love/hate relationship will carry on.

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