The Challenge

The Challenge Is On “Another Level.” Kaycee Is On “Another Level.”

What level are we on? Another one.

Recently, members of The Challenge team caught up with Deadline to talk about the show and its future. The winners of Spies, Lies, and Allies joined the discussion, as did showrunner “Emer Harkin.”

We really didn’t learn anything new with this discussion, but these can give us some strong insights into the future of the show. Harkin talked a lot about the show’s international cult following and the fact that Spies, Lies, and Allies reflected that. Though this is a fairly odd statement because they cast people from countries where the show has never aired before.

We also heard that the games are on “another level.” Most likely, this refers to the upcoming War of the Worlds Tournament. While this is a whole new direction, I will admit this is a different level at the very least.

Then, we heard Kaycee was a competitor on “another level,” which seems like a premature statement. She won her third season, which is great, but she doesn’t have a lot of other moments to differentiate her from the rest of the pack. Most likely, she just got this compliment because she was part of the panel.

In true CT fashion, he just said a lot of things we already know. He said he’s been doing the show for a long time and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. This is true. He also said he appreciates the show more as he’s gotten older, which is good to hear. It makes sense; he’s been making a lot more money.

So what can we infer from this?

  1. They’re investing a lot into the War of the Worlds Tournament
  2. The main series will see a lot of international rookies
  3. They want the show to look bigger each season
  4. Kaycee is “another level”

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