Challenge: World Championship Streaming

The Challenge: War of the Worlds Series Coming to Parmount+

A new Challenge is coming to Paramount+

Paramount+ is taking The Challenge across the world. “War of the Worlds” is no longer just season 33; it’s a worldwide tournament.

Four countries will have their own versions of The Challenge: UK, Australia, Argentina, and of course, The US – but our show will tentative be called The Challenge CBS.

It appears the four shows will air in their respective countries, so US viewers might not be able too see the Argentinian, Australian, or UK versions of the shows. Then, the winners their native versions will compete in the War of the Worlds tournament.

The final tournament, which neglects Africa and Asia, will crown the Challenge World Champions.

I have mixed feelings on this. It seems like the show is steering away from people who debuted on the actual Challenge in favor of people from CBS. So, Cara Maria might not get a call, but Jenn Lee has some hope.

The concept is cool for a spinoff series, but it doesn’t feel like the Challenge we know. This isn’t inherently bad, but it doesn’t seem worthy of being branded as The Challenge. Time will tell if the show turns out to be interesting.


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