Challenge: All Stars 3

Why is Nia On All Stars 3 Without Seeing a Final?

We all know it was Theresa in that final.

In the All Stars 3 trailer, TJ revealed this was an “all finalist” season. We can look at some of the All Stars rookies and see some great players like Jordan and Wes or wildcards like Sylvia and Roni. But one person doesn’t quite fit the theme: Nia.

If you watched Exes 2, you’ll know Nia was close to the final. She even flew to Norway, but then she was disqualified for touching Jordan inappropriately, and she never saw the final’s start line.

In fact, there was an elimination between changing countries and the final challenge. Leroy & Nia were set to face Bananas & Nany in X Battle, but production was able to get Theresa to come back into the game and take Nia’s spot. Theresa beat Nany, and I’d guess that Nia would have beat Nany, but there was a chance Nany could have won against Nia. In that case, Nia’s spot in the final wasn’t guaranteed.

Recently, Nia went on the Mike Lewis podcast, and even she admitted that she didn’t really get to the final. She was remorseful for her actions toward Jordan, and she agrees with production’s decision to remove her, but she didn’t see the final. Theresa did.

So why is Nia even on the show? She’s not a finalist.

Well, when casting, production puts their feelers out there before they finalize the theme. Nia said she only agreed because Jordan did the show, but she likely agreed to the show before the “all finalist” theme was set in stone, and production was excited because the cast was shaping up nicely. When they realized they had so many finalists they decided to include the theme while keeping Nia on the roster.

Remember, these are the people who make Jamie a Rookie on The Gauntlet 2 and Shane a Champion on Champs vs. Stars 2. Accuracy is secondary to making a good show.

The bottom line, production can do whatever they want. If they want Nia to be a finalist, she’ll be treated as one. And a lot of people are excited to see Nia again, and here she is. So that’s another success for the season. Maybe Nia will really become a finalist this time.


  1. TJ clearly said who made it to a final, and she made it to one. She was kicked off, but she made it to the final.

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