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Every Cast Member From the First Three All Stars Seasons Ranked

46 cast members, ranked from least to most important.

Three seasons down, and many more to go (hopefully). We’re looking back at the past three seasons of All Stars and ranking all 46 people who appeared.

I did this during the official Trilogy and the unofficial War of the Worlds Trilogy, so I’ll maintain the same rules. This is not based on personal preference, rather it’s based on importance to the series. People with multiple appearances will have an advantage, but their amount of time on the show won’t guarantee a high ranking. The people who are highly rated are the ones who performed well, found themselves in story lines, and got the most screen time.

But, there is a subjective element to the rankings, and they’re just meant to be fun.

46. Leah Gillingwater

It looks like Leah found some good friendships after appearing on All Stars 2, and she managed to remind us that carabiners will always cause problems in the game.

45. Ryan Kehoe

Ryan came back to prove he was stronger than before. He did put in a good effort, but he lost to Cohutta. Much like Leah, he did seem to make some friends in the process.

44. Ace Amerson

Ace’s return to The Challenge was quick and unsuccessful, but at least he wanted to compete. He set a precedent that competitors would need to fight, or they’d get plunged out of the game.

43. Sophia Pasquis

After 17 years away, Sophia returned and got into a weird fight with Ayanna over hair braids and proved she wasn’t good at tic-tac-toe. Perhaps some memorable moments, but not really for the right reasons.

42. Cynthia Roberts

Cynthia’s return was one of those appearances that truly came out of the blue. While she didn’t have the best run, we were reminded how upbeat she was and continues to be.

41. Jasmine Reynaud

Some things never change. While Jasmine may not have gotten the most screen time, she was a self-motivated underdog and made it pretty far. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Jasmine appearance if she didn’t have a late night argument.

40. Arissa Hill

Another unexpected return, the new, spiritual Arissa tried to summon the power of the sun to energize her throughout the game. Of course, her most memorable moment was when she left the game with her middle fingers in the air because TJ wouldn’t let her box Beth.

39. Cohutta Grindstaff

Perhaps one of the nicest guys to ever do the show, Cohutta was truly a victim of circumstance. He made it half way through season 2, but had to leave when his partner Casey discovered she was pregnant.

38. Derek Chavez

Coming into the competition, Derek was enduring a family tragedy after his sister committed suicide. He wanted to stay and compete, but his heart was torn between the game and returning to his family. While his situation is very sad, his openness allowed him to connect with audiences and reminded us why The Real World was such an important show and its cast had the ability to provide viewers with an understanding of tough situations.

37. Ruthie Alcaide

After 13 years away, Ruthie emerged as one of the stronger players on All Stars, but she kind of fell in the middle most of the time. She never went into elimination, she came in third for the females in the final, and all of her drama was edited out. Certainly a good competitor, but she felt a bit distant this time around.

36. Trishelle Cannatella

Despite being the first girl eliminated on season 1, Trishelle made some waves in the house. Her fight with Katie was memorable, albeit confusing for casual viewers, but her apology to Aneesa was a long time coming.

35. Alton Williams

Similar to Ruthie, Alton’s return felt distant, but that seemed to be more intentional. He made the final, but came in fourth for the men, which is underwhelming for him. He did start a relationship with Jisela, but remained cagey about it to protect his family, and he did help Aneesa win an elimination.

34. Tyler Duckworth

While many cast members returned as parents, Tyler was the only zaddy to come onto the cast. However, his time was mostly defined by his elimination against LT and leaving season 3 first due to his injuries sustained on the prior season.

33. Roni Martin

Another return that no one saw coming, Roni came onto the show after 18 years away with an itch to compete. She was part of the Tree House, one of the strongest alliances, but was easily the least aggressive and most soft-spoken member. She was a good player, but never had a true moment in the spotlight.

32. Eric “Big Easy” Banks

When Eric comes onto a season, you expect his appearance to go one of two ways: Either he’s feared due to his size or targeted because of The Gauntlet 3. All Stars 1 was his redemption arc, and while he didn’t win, he did get to the final and crossed the finish line. A definite improvement from the past.

31. Aneesa Ferreira

In true Aneesa fashion, she came onto the show itching to finally win. She crossed the finish line, didn’t win, but did cause some waves in the house. Her feud with Jisela was heavily discussed toward the end of the season, and then she hopped right backed onto the main series trying (and failing) to get her elusive victory.

30. Casey Cooper

We know people change, but no one was expecting the new and improved Casey we saw this time around. She was ready to make big moves, play a political game, and get revenge on the players who mocked her in the 2000s. Sadly (or happily), a pregnancy cut her game short, but not before she became a trivia master and got a solo victory.

29. Syrus Yarbrough

One of the older people to appear on the show, Syrus’s long history with MTV resulted in his greatest strengths and weaknesses. He’s heavily connected with people, even the new school, and is well liked. He’s also viewed as an easier victory due to age. While Syrus has gotten himself into shape recently, he failed to get himself to the final on either of his All Stars appearances.

28. Jodi Weatherton

Our original solo female winner, Jodi had a big reputation coming onto All Stars 2. She did well and maintained the intimidation factor, but she left directly before the final. In a sense, it felt like she was the same person we saw on The Duel. Strong, intimidating, but her own biggest detriment when she gets flustered.

27. Steve Meinke

I don’t think anyone saw this one coming. While Steve didn’t have a long appearance on season 2, he was the one who really started playing the game. He took shots at the veterans, learned to manipulate the Life Shield system, and managed to win a challenge. While this style of play got him sent into elimination and caused waves in his relationship with Katie, he is responsible for kicking the game into high gear.

26. Katie Doyle

Back in the day, Katie was just as motivated by the social aspect of The Challenge as she was the prizes and competition. This time around, that mentality stuck. She was more concerned with avoiding facial trauma than winning, and sadly, her most memorable moments involved her friendships being tested.

25. Jordan Wiseley

Coming onto All Stars, Jordan had two goals. Firstly, he wanted to win (duh). Secondly, he was on an apology tour. While he did manage to pose a threat in the game, he didn’t make the final. He did, however, express remorse for his actions on The Real World and his prior Challenges, and he certainly built a better relationship with Nia.

24. Jemmye Carroll

As the youngest person on the first season of All Stars, Jemmye’s role was a bit unclear at first. But she did show up to play a game, and that was very much needed on a season the began as a high school reunion. She forced other people to be political and strategic, and it seemed like she would have done the same on season 3 if she didn’t need to bow out early.

23. Ayanna Mackins

If there was one redemption story we didn’t know we needed, it was Ayanna’s. All of her prior seasons made her look overly serious and a bit too intense. This time, she played the game and put her heart into it. Her humor shined through, and she was fun to watch. Even though she couldn’t complete the final, it feels like she gained a lot from her experience, and seems to have a newfound appreciation from fans. If nothing else, she enjoyed a nice Greek salad.

22. Nia Moore

The Challenge world still talks about the damage caused by Hurricane Nia, but this time around, we had a much calmer storm. We saw the real Nia, and she was sweet, vulnerable, and much more reserved. She made it no secret that she was there to reconcile with Jordan, but she was able to muster up the courage to cross the finish line. Did she win? No, but she did finally make a final. I guess that means something.

21. Jisela Delgado

I don’t think many people expected Jisela to be such a strong competitor, but she made it clear she was on All Stars to try and win the money. Did she play a forceful game? Perhaps, but sometimes that’s needed, and it’s a much more entertaining strategy than the one she had on Gauntlet 2. She made the final this time around, but a knee injury meant she wasn’t going to win, so it’s only fitting that she got purged out.

20. Janelle Casanave

On season 2, we saw the most competitive version of Janelle we’ve ever seen. She started out slow, but when competitors were partnered off, she put her game into high gear. In fact, she had a good shot of winning even though she injured her back, but was literally locked out of victory.

19. Laterrian Wallace

LT is the type of competitor most people fear. He’s silent, but packs some serious muscle, and he welcomed All Stars with an epic Plunge Pole Wrestle match. He didn’t quite make the final that season, and then he barely maintained a spot on All Stars 2 when Kendal left, though he was a part of a successful alliance. He left really early on the third season, which might be bad luck, or it might be a sign that he’s overhyped.

18. Kailah Casillas

When Kailah showed up, we knew we were no longer watching the “OG” show and we were truly just watching “All Stars.” But let’s give credit where it’s due, she assimilated herself into the older crowd pretty well. She played a smart game, caused some waves, and had a decent shot at winning. Some people might be upset that she was able to appear, but you can’t deny her appearance was memorable.

17. Veronica Portillo

The first two All Star seasons (especially the first) had very lighthearted feels to them. But when Veronica shows up, you know the game is going to change. On All Star 3, she quickly formed an alliance and started making moves. And this multi-generational player did a good job of fusing the old school with the new school. But in true new school fashion, she got hurt and had to leave prematurely.

16. Sylvia Elsrode

Sylvia might not have been the brains of The Treehouse, nor was she the glue, but it felt like she was the mouth. She had a lot of people pressed, and she made some controversial moves. While this rubbed some viewers the wrong way, there’s no denying that she did a good job playing the game… until she found herself in elimination.

15. Darrell Taylor

While Darrell is a more modern Challenge player, the All Stars seasons saw his old school persona emerge. That is, someone who’s strategic and mostly under the radar. This got him to two finals, but undefeated Darrell is long gone. He came in second twice, and took an early trip home on his third All Stars season.

14. Brad Fiorenza

It feels like All Stars Brad maintained the underdog persona early Brad had on The Challenge. He left right before the All Stars 2 final, and finished second in the third season’s final. At times, he flew under the radar, which seemed unlikely given the size of his beard. But when he had to compete, you knew he’d be putting in work.

13. Teck “Money” Holmes

After a staggering 21 years away, Teck graced our screens again with a killer sense of humor, but the competitive drive seemed absent on season 1. Flash forward to season 2, and we see a whole different competitor. He won an elimination, maintained his charm, and worked his political game. Certainly one of the biggest season-to-season upgrades we saw on All Stars, even if he didn’t complete the final.

12. Beth Stolarczyk

Perhaps one of the most controversial cast members, it feels like drama follows Beth everywhere… except All Stars 1. This time, we saw a kinder and more enjoyable person for the first time (though Syrus has known her person for decades). On season 3, we saw a more manipulative and pot-stirring cast member. Her time was brief, but she made a splash by introducing some rumors into the game.

11. Melinda Stolp

For many people, Melinda’s story might have been the highlight of season two. She’d never won an elimination before, let alone made a final, but she managed to do both with her Austin roommate Nehemiah by her side. Much like Derek, she’d also endured some personal hardships prior to the season; in her case it was a miscarriage. And she was brave enough to share this on camera, allowing a glimpse into her personal life that reminded us why The Real World felt so meaningful to its viewers.

10. Tina Barta

When Tina steps foot onto the show, we know she’s going to make an impression. While her time on seasons two and three were brief, there’s no doubt you remember her being there. Whether it was her pots and pans in the kitchen, exchanging elimination wins with Melinda, or her endless banter with TJ, Tina is a character that can’t be overlooked.

9. Kendal Sheppard

After 17 years away, Kendal returned to the game ready to compete. She was an early target and fighter on All Stars 1, but she left right before the final. COVID took her out of season 2, but she was a mostly fair and friendly player on those seasons. On her third attempt, she found herself on the wrong side of the Treehouse alliance, and they were able to take her out before she could really start playing a dirty game.

8. Mark Long

Mark’s involvement on the show can’t be understated, as he’s widely credited as the catalyst that brought the spinoff series into reality. And while he never won an All Stars title, he proved that age hasn’t slowed him down one bit. He made the final of the first season, and earned a lot of credit for eliminating Jordan and LT on the third installment, but his biggest accomplishment is earning his title as The Godfather. When MTV isn’t going to take care of the franchise, Mark will make sure the fans are taken care of with a show they’ll love.

7. Wes Bergmann

There’s no doubt that Wes is one of the best Challenge competitors, and he knows how to navigate almost any environment. While he hasn’t had success on the main series in a while, he played All Stars like a fiddle. He cruised to the money, proved he knows his shit, and managed to maintain friendships along the way.

6. Kellyanne Judd

Few people can manage to be such a strong player yet get credited as an underdog, but Kellyanne managed to do that. She made it to the final on the first season, but nearly got purged out at the start. But on All Stars 3, she was the only person to actively oppose the Treehouse for the bulk of the season. She was a thorn in Sylvia and Kailah’s side, and it seemed like fate was on her side, until she faced Kailah in an elimination mid-final.

5. Derrick Kosinski

After making the first All Stars final, Derrick seemed to be in a good position. Then, a directionally-challenge Jisela cost him the game. But All Stars wasn’t the type of game that Derrick could just coast through. He found himself making enemies with Nehemiah… and somehow Steve… and they both managed to get him eliminated. Though he did take out MJ on season 3, so he might have what it takes to win a future season.

4. MJ Garrett

Though he was technically a champion coming into All Stars 2, MJ has been missing from the Challenge world for over a decade. We had no idea what to expect, but he proved that his Gauntlet 2 victory wasn’t just a fluke. He developed a perfect partnership with Jonna, and they managed to cruise to the end of the second season and win. This made him a prime target on the third installment, despite a knee injury, but he lost to Derrick near the end.

3. Yes Duffy

All Stars 1 brought a lot of old schoolers back to the game, but Yes was a wildcard amongst wildcards. He played a passive game, but this allowed him to get to the end without ruffling feathers. So it was hard to be upset when such a caring guy got the grand prize, though it was also logical for other competitors to be worried when he returned for the third season. Wes took advantage of his kindness, forcing him into tough scenarios that required him to make big moves. In the end, the two faced each other in The Arena and Yes wasn’t victorious.

2. Nehemiah Clark

During the first two seasons of All Stars, Nehemiah was clearly one of production’s favorites. And while some fans were surprised to see his competitive side, he certainly didn’t have an easy ride. He saw eliminations and had to keep The Palace organized so he had numbers in the game. Clearly Wes had rubbed off on him, but he knew what he was doing on these two shows. Then, on the third season, he let Wes take the wheel. Nehemiah flew under the radar, though he did face his “rival” Derrick in elimination, but Wes drove this alliance all the way to the finish line.

1. Jonna Mannion

At this point, it should surprise absolutely no one to see Jonna emerge as the biggest star of All Stars, but no one expected this prior to the first season. Jonna almost seemed out of place in the first installment, and she flew under the radar until the final. There, she demonstrated that she was a well-rounded player and tied Kellyanne as the highest-scoring female. But she really took center stage on season two. Along with MJ, she played a savvy political game and kept pace with the top dogs. This time, she got to the final (again, without seeing an elimination), and won the whole thing.

The third season was likely the hardest for her. She wasn’t a part of the majority alliance, and she lost her ally MJ midway through. Despite this, she rolled with all the punches and managed to keep her composure. She won again, and this is the biggest testament to her abilities. The Challenger we knew in the early 2010s is gone, but the new Jonna is much better at the game, and much richer.

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