Challenge: All Stars 3

Why Would Kendal Sabotage MJ?

Kendal tried to take MJ out of the game, and this wasn't a random move.

On All Stars 3, Kendal made a gusty move. She took the Sabotage she earned by winning Out of Reach and used it on a male, rather than a female.

The episode made her look indecisive, but this obviously wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. MJ came into the season as a winner, so it’s clear he can perform. Any decision involving him can have a ripple effect… and it did.

But, Jonna and MJ are a powerhouse duo. With their championship from last season, they’ve earned a lot of respect. People will want to work with them, but people also fear them. We also know MJ was part of an alliance last season with the people in his bedroom. Even though we haven’t seen a whole lot of interactions, Derrick, Darrell, and Brad probably have his back.

But Kendal’s move jeopardized Jonna’s game. MJ’s knee is injured, and his shot of doing well in a mud pit with a 35-pound vest on him was slim. Plus, it benefitted Wes’s game because he wasn’t the only vested male, so Kendal was extending an olive branch to a potential ally.

Remember, Kendal’s biggest ally is Kellyanne, who dated Wes. The exes might not be on the best of terms, but they were working together on Rivals 3, so their relationship isn’t bad at this point in life. They might not be the closest allies, but working together isn’t out of the picture.

We also know that The Tree House alliance has a lot of numbers on the women’s side. Kailah, Sylvia, Roni, Veronica, Tina, and Jemmye all have ties to each other. Sabotaging one of them would earn many enemies. So, using the sabotage on a male avoids those ripples and creates an even playing field for the girls, and Kellyanne recognized this.

So, there are clearly a lot of factors at play here. Almost any move would have had big consequences, but there probably was one move Kendal could have made that had very little backlash: Nia. Her only real tie seems to be Jordan, and she’s playing a very low-key game.

But, Kendal decided to take a swing at the big dogs. She attacked Jonna’s game without directly targeting Jonna. While it did get MJ into elimination, it also earned her a nomination. It drew a line in the sand, and this is probably just the beginning.

Now, Kendal and Jonna will probably be going back and forth with each other. This is good news for the Tree House, but they could use a break. Tina and Jemmye had to leave, so their numbers are dwindling. But Kendal will have to do something big to redeem herself, or she’ll have to win. That means taking another swing at Jonna, and hopefully getting more numbers on her and Kellyanne’s side.

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