Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge 38: Ride or Dies Official Cast

Who's competing on Season 38?

A new season is on the horizon, and the cast is finally ready to compete.

These are the people who will be competing to become a Challenge champion this season. Keep in mind, things can change, and we can’t be 100% certain until production makes an official announcement. But, we know sources like Vevmo and Gamer have been very reliable.

Season Name & Format: Ride or Dies
Departure Date: Sunday, May 22, 2022
Location: Argentina

Host: TJ Lavin

TJ Trivia


Amber Borzotra | Big Brother 16

Analyse Talavera | Big Brother 21 | Rookie

Aneesa Ferreira | Real World Chicago

Aneesa Ferreira

Chauncey Palmer | Amber B.’s Boyfriend | Rookie

Colleen Schneider | The Mole Germany | Rookie

Colleen Schneider Challenge 38

Devin Walker | Are You the One? 3

Emmy Russ | Beauty & the Nerd Germany | Rookie

Fessy Shafaat | Big Brother 20

Horacio Gutiérrez |  Exatlón Estados Unidos | Rookie

Jack Maddox | Ex on the Peak | Rookie

James Simon | Aneesa’s Friend | Rookie

Jay Starrett | Survivor 33

Johnny Bananas | Real World Key West

Johnny Middlebrooks | Love Island US 2 | Rookie

Kailah Casillas | Real World Go Big or Go Home

Kaycee Clark | Big Brother 20

Kenny Clark | Kaycee’s Brother | Rookie

Kenny Clark Challenge 38

Kim Tränka | Prince Charming Germany | Rookie

Kim Tränka Challenge 38

Laurel Stucky | Fresh Meat 2

Michele Fitzgerald | Survivor 32

Moriah Jadea | Influencer | Rookie

Moriah Jadea

Nam Vo | Ultimate Beastmaster

Nam Vo

Nany Gonzalez | Real World Las Vegas

Nelson Thomas | Are You the One 3

Nurys Mateo | Are You the One? 6 & Ex on the Beach 2 | Rookie

Olivia Kaiser | Love Island US 3 | Rookie

Ravyn Rochelle | Influencer | Rookie

Raven Rochelle

Sam Bird | Love Island UK & Ex on the Peak | Rookie

Tamara Alfaro | Turbo’s Girlfriend | Rookie

Tommy Bracco | Big Brother 21 | Rookie

Tori Deal | Are You the One? 4

Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran | Survivor Turkey


Jordan Wiseley | Real World Portland


Can be found here.


Flown to Argentina. Not used and returned home.

Corey Lay | 12 Dates of Christmas

Josh Martinez | Big Brother 19

Libhongolethu (Libho) Geza | Love Island South Africa | Rookie

Libho Geza Challenge 38

Thimna Shooto | Love Island South Africa | Rookie

Not on the cast

Emanuel Neagu
Emy Alupei
Wes Bergmann


  1. Wish Cara Marie would come back for the newer seasons. I just love to watch her. I know alot of people don’t like her but I do. Not a fan of most in this season except for #johnny Bananas and #Anessa Ferriera and #Devin Walker

  2. We’re just missing CT and Wes. Looks like a good cast. Fessy will cry again after telling everyone he’s the best.

    But why bring weak skinny people then make most of the challenges strength. How about an even field in challenges.

  3. I was wondering why All Stars was getting so much popularity over the main show. I am begining to understand why. The reason for some of these people to even be here is amusing.

    1. Why? They are doing great at some crazy hard challenges. The first all stars they took it easy on them, not this season. Ps u will be 45-50 one day and won’t want to be counted out.

  4. I wish Corey, Cheyenne, Taylor, and Diem Brown(rip) was on here. I have always been a huge fan of them. I wouldof liked to see Wes and CT on here also. The one person I can’t stand is Johnny(banana). He needs a new job.

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