Challenge: All Stars 3

How Well Will Beth Do on All Stars 3?

Beth is back, but for how long?

We’ve got a new wildcard in All Stars 3 and she’s already shaking things up. In true Beth fashion, she made a splash as soon as she entered the game. So much so that she’s almost making amends with Veronica.

Why is Beth a replacement? Well, allegedly she was on the original cast but she was dropped and replaced with Sylvia. Why did this happen? She wanted an apology before appearing on a show with Tina. Beth gave an ultimatum, Tina didn’t care, so Beth was dropped.

Then Tina had to be sent home for an injury and Beth was ready to play. Karma or coincidence? You be the judge.

Now that Beth’s in the game, what happens? She immediately quits in her first challenge.

But this isn’t too big of a shocker. Beth has always had a fear of heights, especially with bungees. And even if she doesn’t have the best elimination record, she’s always been willing to go in and give her best effort (except for that one Beach Brawl). And that’s exactly what she did this episode.

She also isn’t afraid to come into the game and shake up the house. We see her doing a confessional with Veronica of all people, and they’re trying to work past their differences. But she’s also trying to dismantle the Tree House alliance. If she wasn’t forced into elimination, she’d be working with Kendal and Kellyanne to get rid of Veronica and her allies.

So now that she beat Kendal in Steamroller, she comes back with a star on her jersey, a couple of friends in the stands, and a rumor on her tongue. Beth is unlikely to integrate into a big alliance, and her unconventional gameplay is likely to cause ripples in alliances.

Of course, this will also paint a target on her back. So it seems like Beth wants to survive, she’ll need to make room for more stars on her jersey.

It’s unlikely Beth will make it too far this season. She’s a replacement and walked into a house where many people have already decided not to like her. You might call her out for her wild gameplay, but she was going to be targeted immediately due to her replacement status. Kind of like Amanda on Rivals 3; there was no way she could blend into the crowd.

So let’s just enjoy Beth while we can. Her best shot at success was All Stars 1. This season is another uphill battle.

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