Challenge: All Stars 3

The Challenge All Stars 3: Episode 5 Old School Overview

All the old school moments to make Episode 5 of All Stars 3 make sense.

We’re back in action. These are the old school moments that will help jog your memory so episode 5 makes sense; you can head to Paramount+ to stream full episode.

1. Power in Numbers

With Darrell gone, Wes crawls to Mark and Derrick and asks to work with them, essentially filling Darrell’s spot. This is a new alliance, but not a new move. It’s similar to when Wes started working with Leroy on Exes 2 once Zach was taken out of the game. Weaken a group, then fill the void.

2. Stars and Rings

The daily challenge is named Side Tracked, and it’s kind of a popularity contest. Players collect rings and need to throw them on pegs on a star. Get five rings, and you’re out, similar to Ring Toss on The Duel.

3. Marking Your Territory

Given the nature of the competition, the main alliance comes together and just decides Mark will win. And he does, it’s kind of like the picking process on The Duel 2. It’s entirely predictable. The girls do something similar, with the Tree House picking off Beth, Kellyanne, Jonna, and Nia before going after each other. But the one winner, Sylvia, wasn’t pre-determined.

4. Power Couple

The game has changed, with the authority consisting of only two people. These two have all the power, but their nominees also have the power to pick their opponents. This is a Duel-style move, which makes the game a little less predictable.

5. An Unfaithful Player

The Authority asks Beth why she’d like to see Jonna in elimination, and it’s because she can’t trust Jonna. Why? Because Jonna is allegedly cheating on her husband with MJ. When Jonna hears her name, she comes over to confront Beth. Beth calls her “Jennay,” and she immediately corrects her, flashback to Rivals. Jonna then said she’s not having an affair with MJ. On Battle of the Seasons and The Real World she at least called her partner and broke up with him before moving on to the next guy.

6. Cheaters and Quitters

At the Arena, Jonna and Wes are nominated, and they pick Beth and Yes as opponents. The game is called Knock Off and it requires competitors to push their opponent off a platform using pads through a wall. Beth goes first, and she seems to be able to withstand the blows, but MJ is telling Jonna which pads to push. In true Gauntlet 2 style, Beth deems this unfair and quits.

7. A First and a Loss

For the men, this is Yes’s first elimination ever. This round is much faster paced, but lasts a lot longer. Wes eventually knocks off Yes, ending their pseudo rivalry.

8. Leaving Together

Beth and Yes take the same flight home, leaving on the same week. Just like Battle of the Seasons in 2002. At least they didn’t leave first this time.

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