Challenge: All Stars 3

The Challenge All Stars 3: Episode 7 Old School Overview

All the old school moments to make Episode 7 of All Stars 3 make sense.

Jonna is lonely, Derrick has 4 stars, and the game is moving on. Here are the old school moments you need to make sense of episode 7 of All Stars 3; you can head to Paramount+ to stream the full episode.

1. Finding an Ally

After winning last week, Kellyanne has the final sabotage. She approaches Roni because she believes that Roni is a sleeper and could whip out a masterful performance out of nowhere. This happened on The Gauntlet when she beat The Miz in Rolling On A River.

2. Striking Out

The cast shows up for the challenge and they see TJ’s smile. It’s trivia, but it’s similar to Talk Thirty To Me from Dirty Thirty in the sense that you assign strikes to other players. So, it becomes a popularity contest in a sense. Veronica wins for the women, and to be honest, she does get all of her questions right. Yet in some stroke of luck, Derrick wins for the men. Though again, to be fair, he did get most of the questions right.

3. Pizza Twists

Veronica twists her ankle and falls “about three steps” after a night out because she was excited about pizza. When will production learn that the cast can’t handle pizza? We had pizzagate on Vendettas and on Spies, Lies and Allies. We also had a fight on Double Agents because Kaycee couldn’t cook her pizza. Maybe it’s time to stick to tacos.

4. Talking Game

Veronica finally talks game with Roni. The two have been close this season, but their game alliance has been more implied than anything else. Now, Roni is forced to talk, and she does want to work with Veronica. Basically, Roni says she’s the same person from The Gauntlet and their alliance comes from a mutual respect. Then, Kellyanne comes in. She really has to talk game, because they haven’t been working together this season. The last time they did a show together was The Ruins, and they certainly weren’t on the same page then.

5. The Final Nominee

Derrick is worried about Mark being sent into elimination, and while he won’t call out Mark, he’s worried his nominee will. So Mark brings up Wes’s conversation about Jordan and implies that Derrick should send in Wes to see if Wes would really rather face Jordan in elimination than a final. After all, Jordan’s been to three finals and won them all. But Derrick skips the middle man and goes straight for nominating Jordan.

6. Weight Time

Jonna and Jordan are sent into elimination. For Jonna, this is her moment to prove herself because she never saw an elimination on All Stars 1 or 2, and Beth quit in her first one this season. She does it, calling out Roni and beating her in Pull Your Own Weight. Jordan claims he wants to take out a Godfather, meaning Mark. He’s kind of always had that nickname because he did the first Real World vs. Road Rules Challenge, but it really stuck around the Gauntlet 2. Mark manages to win, but Jordan does a good job even though he only has one hand… and of course it was talked about.


  1. No point in watching now that Jordan’s out. Sucks. They need to stop putting on all these old people. Nobody wants to watch 50yo’s reliving their 20s.

    1. Ummm, theres a reason this is called all-stars. The point is to cast cast-members who are older and have played the game. The all-stars are providing more entertainment and are actually playing the game. You want to watch 20yo’s, go watch the main show.

      1. Yes, I and the millions of others want to watch the main show with young newer school folk such as Jordan, bananas, ct, tori, kaycee, Nelson, laurel, cara Maria, Corey, fessy, etc….who TF is Mark Long? Or Roni? Or Veronica? Friggin’ dinosaurs…Early 2000 nobody’s. Casting geriatrics is bad tv. That’s why they’re on the satellite station, not mtv.

  2. The “millions” of others need to look elsewhere then, this is obviously for the older fans to watch people who actually compete rather then trying to get followers. It doesn’t take a genius to see that

  3. A few things: Mark Long, Veronica and others paved the way for your “young newer school folk” to even have a chance on this show. Clearly you’ve never seen them when they were the stars of the show. Your “young newer school folk” such as CT, Bananas, Laurel, Cara Maria have been around since the mid 2000’s/early 2010’s. Doesn’t exactly describe “young or newer school.” Lastly, saying being on a “satelite station” or a stream service is better than being on MTV in 2022 is laughable.

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