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Zach & Jenna Expecting Baby Number 2

Jenna will soon be the mom of 2!

Zach recently took to Instagram to announce that his family is growing… again. His son Anthony is only 9 months, but baby #2 is already on the way.

In a recent interview, Jenna said she’s excited to grow her family. She came from a huge family, while Zach has siblings close in age. They want Anthony to have built-in friends and lots of siblings

So far, it’s been smooth sailing. Jenna hasn’t gotten sick, nor has her daily life been interrupted. She keeps working out and living as normal; she’s already thinking about baby #3!

If my math is right, Jenna must have conceived in March. This means she was pregnant when she celebrated her wedding with Zach… the second time she married Zach while carrying his child. This is just a tongue-in-cheek way of explaining the situation. All of their plans were modified as a response to the pandemic.

Of course, Zach took the opportunity to make some jokes. He says they got pregnant their first time trying for baby #2… and he wanted more action. He also took the opportunity to call Jenna a milf again. Maybe she likes it?

Regardless, this is great news for the couple, and it’s exciting to watch their family grow.

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