Challenge: USA

The Cookout Has Crumbled. Who Should Be Afraid?

The Cookout is over. Who should be celebrating?

On Big Brother 23, the Cookout dominated the game. The six members became the final six, and their bond seemed unbreakable. Four of them returned to The Challenge: USA, and that bond became as fragile as glass.

Now, Tiffany is the second girl gone this season, and some people aren’t innocent.

Originally, it seemed like Tiffany and Tyson were working together, but Tyson quickly changed his mind once he talked to other Big Brother players. They didn’t view Tiffany as the glue in their alliance, in fact, they kind of viewed her as disposable. But it was really Xavier who solidified Tiffany’s fate, as he agreed to sending her into elimination and helping Tyson smooth things over.

And Tiffany lost, leaving three Cookout members in the game. And Xavier probably has the biggest target on his back but the most potential. He won BB23, so he has a level of respect Azah and Kyland don’t have. While this may encourage others to vote him out, it also means he’ll be recognized for his abilities. This is why Tyson was able to trust him, but it’ll also be the reason why people want to see him get to the end.

Meanwhile, Azah doesn’t seem to be too guilty, and she’s just laying low. But despite winning Knot So Fast, she looks like an easy target. She struggled during the Down to Do the Math challenge, and soon enough people will use this against her. Likely, she’ll be thrown into an elimination as an “easy” win, unless she displays some type of amazing turn around.

Kyland probably sits in the best position of the three. He’s generally likable, fairly removed from the Cookout, and seems to be a strong person. People won’t be confident facing him in elimination, but he clearly isn’t unbeatable. This middle-of-the-road strategy often gets people far in the game.

What about the other two, Derek and Alyssa? While they’re not part of the Cookout, they are part of the BB23 alliance. Derek is likely another middle-of-the-road competitor, but he looks weaker. So he’ll get a target soon enough, but he’s also the type of person who might pull a crafty move to earn safety. On the other hand, Alyssa is in a good position. Xavier seems to be vying for her approval, but she’s also distancing herself from BB23 after Xavier lost her trust. So other competitors may be able to separate her from the BB23 alliance, and this could work to her advantage.

From the looks of it, the Cookout is over and it’s every houseguest for themselves. Alyssa has the best shot of assimilating into the larger group of competitors, but some of her roommates are bound to get targets soon.

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