Challenge: USA

The Challenge USA: Top Players from Episode 3

Who's running the game on episode 3 of The Challenge USA?

All the muscles in the world couldn’t prepare people for this word puzzle. Stream the episode on Paramount+. Here, we’re counting down the top players in the third episode of the new series.

10. Ben Driebergen

We’re finally starting to see some people play the game, and Ben is someone who’s been laying low thus far. But he was close to winning the Hang On Man challenge, and the Wheel Of Fortune superfan had some strategy going into the game. He lost, which apparently he hates, but for someone who needs to win, he’s not doing a great job at it.

9. Alyssa Lopez

Immediately, pessimistic Alyssa claims that the “algorithm sucks,” but let’s be honest, she’s not wrong. It does make it hard to play the game, but the system blessed her with Tyson as a partner this time around. Despite that, the duo lost. Maybe it’s because Tyson isn’t good with words, but Alyssa is burning through good partners without getting a win.

8. Tyson Apostol

Even when he doesn’t win, Tyson is important to this game. In fact, it’s kind of interesting to see his approach to being safe. He hopes his alliance with Angela from week one remains strong, and it did, but we’ll see if the duo will keep working together once the numbers dwindle.

7. Tasha Fox

As the only person to let a sandbag hit the ground during Hang On Man, Tasha wasn’t able to comp-beast her way through this season. And it feels like her voice isn’t really heard this season. She turns on her Survivor ally Dom, but I guess it’s all about winning in the end, which she doesn’t do.

6. Leo Temory

With James damned to go into The Arena, Leo’s slightly upset because he knows he has a target on his back. But his trust is truly hurt when James, his Amazing Race ally, toys with the idea of facing Leo and Justine in The Arena. This never comes to fruition, but it’s clear Leo has all of his eggs in his teeny, tiny Amazing Race basket.

5. Kyland Young

For the first time, Tyson isn’t the man to win the challenge. Kyland is able to crack his puzzle before anyone else, because the answer couldn’t be anything other than “Flutes from Finland.” So he makes the predictable move and protects his Big Brother alliance at all costs. Of course, he was paired with Angela, so this could be a good move for him: follow her lead and get her on his side.

4. Domenick Abbate

Out of the blue, Domenick decides it’s time to play the game, and that means disregarding everything Cashay says because he’s a construction manager. At one point, he’s trying to pin a target on Leo and Justine’s back. In the next breath, he’s telling people he’s ready to go into elimination. But the fact of the matter is that Dom is a Survivor player, and both winners are from Big Brother. But I guess he is ready, because he won Plug and Play.

3. Cashay Proudfoot

Despite having solid numbers, Love Island is clearly the most disposable show on this Challenge. Cashay brings some drama to the game as she deals with her ex, Cinco. Yet she thrives under pressure, and proved that by winning the Plug and Play Arena. She won’t be easy to get rid of, even though four of the six departures thus far have been Love Islanders.

2. Angela Rummans

In episode one, Tyson and Angela won the challenge, but most of the credit was given to Tyson. Now that we’re three episodes in, it’s clear Angela’s victory wasn’t a fluke or a result of Tyson. And while she might not be as cocky, her direction in the game is clear. Tyson is still trying to maintain a friendship, but Angela established her priorities to keep Big Brother safe while guaranteeing a Survivor player goes home by sending Domenick against Tasha.

1. James Wallington

Poor James. His game has been in jeopardy every episode, and this time he’s finally booted. But it wasn’t without a fight. He wanted to get in with the Survivor alliance because there are so few Amazing Race players, and this meant hurting Leo’s feelings. Despite this, he sees Domenick and Cashay in The Arena, and loses to them even though he’s really focused. He even tried to plug the drain in Plug and Play, a step that Dom forgot, but all it got James was a sore bum.

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