Challenge: USA

The Challenge USA: Top Players from Episode 4

Who's running the game on episode 4 of The Challenge USA?

It’s trivia week. Some Challengers have knowledge, others have no ledge.

Stream the episode on Paramount+. Here, we’re counting down the top players in the fourth episode of the new series.

10. Domenick Abbate

Domenick did almost nothing this episode, but he thought a great white shark wasn’t an animal, so everyone gawked at his stupidity. He gets the epic trivia fail, and he wasn’t even asked the laughable question.

9. Derek Xiao

This episode wasn’t too kind to Derek. His partner portrayed him as dumb because he didn’t know Catwoman actresses, and he was on the outskirts of the Big Brother alliance. He wasn’t as blindsided as Azah, but his opinion was disregarded in the end.

8. Tyson Apostol

Even when he’s not relevant, Tyson is somehow involved. Alyssa, Kyland, and Angela tell him about the move to take out Xavier, and of course, he’s on board. Alyssa and Kyland are just doing his dirty work for him.

7. Shan Smith

Shan’s whole identity on this show was quite weird. She was portrayed as a news source and a sneaky player, but none of that really mattered in the end. She was just an accessory to Xavier’s downfall, and now she’s gone.

6. David Alexander

In one episode, David got a confessional, won an elimination, AND beat Xavier. This is what dreams are made of.

5. Justine Nbida

Justine has the money to run the final because she won in episode 2 with Tyson, but she’s suffered an awful fate: she’s paired with David. While this gets her sent straight to The Arena, she manages to return to the game with more money. She might be in an OK position moving forward, but one thing is clear: the Love Island alliance won’t do shit to advance her game.

4. Angela Rummans

There’s this weird relationship between Angela and the other Big Brother players. She wasn’t on BB23 or BB22, but she still has some bond with the BB cast. So when Alyssa toys with the idea of throwing Xavier and Shan into elimination, she’s on board. She agrees with the idea of throwing them in, because Big Brother needs to implode at some point, and pegging the whole decision on Shan. In reality, Xavier is the target.

3. Kyland Young

Firstly, Kyland did surprisingly well at trivia. Then, he took the opportunity to get Xavier out. As someone who was in the first elimination, he’s really come full circle. Apparently, he tried to repair his relationship with Xavier after BB23, but it took one word from Alyssa for the wound to get ripped right open.

2. Xavier Prather

While there are multiple winners on this show, Xavier might have had the most gusto behind him. But, he also put some knives in backs on BB23. For most of the episode, he’s just the subject of conversation, but Alyssa makes her move at The Arena. He’s mad, got a taste of his BB23 medicine, and tried to beast mode through Smash In Puzzle Out. Ultimately, it seems like the time penalties cost him the game. But it’s hard to believe he won’t remain the topic of conversation in future weeks.

1. Alyssa Lopez

Alyssa came onto this show with one thing on her mind: revenge. While she isn’t any help during the Falling Off the Knowledge challenge, she is the mastermind behind the plan to get rid of Xavier. So, she presents the idea to Kyland, and he takes the bait. The Cookout has officially exploded, and Alyssa has changed the dynamic of the game and gotten her revenge.

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