The Challenge

A Wes and Tyson Rivalry is Brewing. Is It Real?

Wes is starting a feud with Tyson??!

Breaking news! Wes changed his Twitter bio.

He is now the self-proclaimed “greatest pickleball player in all of reality television.” But really, who cares?

Well, let’s dig a little deeper. Who plays pickleball? Oh, Tyson Apostol from Survivor and The Challenge: USA.

So where does this rivalry come from? Seemingly, just out of the blue. It’s really a battle of the spin-offs. Wes just won All Stars and Tyson has a lot of hype going into The Challenge: USA. He won the first two Challenges, and as a Survivor winner, many people fear him in the game.

Wes’s fake rivalries have been fairly obvious recently. It’s funny that he accused Josh of trying to stir up drama on Total Madness. With Yes, and now Tyson, Wes has tried to create drama with a big name to make a show.

But Wes doesn’t have to do this. He’s well established on MTV, and he can get a call back by doing nothing. So is there anything else going on here?

Most likely, no. Wes is just being a troll and waiting for Tyson to notice he exists. But there’s also a buzzing thought in my mind. Maybe, but maybe, these two will be part of Team USA on the War of the Worlds tournament (or whatever it’s going to be called). And Wes is trying to cause some drama before the game starts.

After all, sliding into DMs to cut pre-season alliances is kinda Wes’s thing. But there’s too many factors going into this possibility. It would have meant calls have gone out, the show is definitely happening, and Team USA won’t just be Team CBS. So the more likely scenario is Wes just being a troll. And let’s face it: That’s not too farfetched.


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