Challenge: World Championship

The Challenge Global Tournament to Feature “Winners” Who Haven’t Won

A bronze medal gets you a spot in the winners' circle.

What does it take to be a Challenge champion? Not as much as you’d think, apparently. According to notorious Challenge spoiler account Gamer, people who haven’t actually won will be considered for the Global Challenge Tournament, which is meant to be a competition of winners.

So who will this get us? Likely, the same ol’ same ol’. We’ll see finalists who haven’t actually won the show yet. Think of people like Nany, Nelson, Cory, Aneesa, etc. The people who continuously get cast on the show, despite the fact that they’re not actually threats in the game.

We should also expect to see people who haven’t won a show recently, but did win on the past non-Challenge show — so people like Josh or Tommy Sheehan could get on the show, even though they never won the MTV Challenge. They have won Big Brother or Survivor.

Aneesa AS1

As it stands, the show is set to film in late October or early November, and we can expect the winners of The Challenge USA on this show. Beyond that, the cast is up in the air… but it is coming to fruition. Apparently feeler calls have been going out.

So maybe there is a Wes & Tyson rivalry brewing. And maybe we will be getting the long awaited return of Nany, but it seems like there should be plenty of real winners to choose from. Perhaps this is part of the reason why this show isn’t quite connecting with fans. Viewers don’t really know what’s happening, but they do know what to expect: the same people over and over. Even if they can’t win anything, they can secure a spot in a winners’ competition.

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