Challenge: USA

The Challenge USA: Top Players from Episode 6

Who's running the game on episode 6 of The Challenge USA?

Finally, there is a split in the house. For the full story, stream the episode on Paramount+. Here, we’re counting down the top players in the sixth episode of the new series.

10. Justine Nbida

Poor Justine. She only went into elimination because Enzo was scared to jump. She won Spelling Eeb, despite the fact that she couldn’t spell cynical backwards, though she didn’t need the money to run TJ’s final.

9. Shannon St. Clair

Shannon went home this week with a pulled hamstring. She was really the scapegoat of her team, as David said he wouldn’t want to be paired with an injured Shannon in the future, but people just wanted to get Derek out.

8. Leo Temory

Apparently Leo is team Ben and Sarah 100% after his blindside last week, but this got a bit complicated when he was paired with Cayla this week. She’s team Tyson, but the truth of the matter: The two remaining Amazing Racers will need to stick together. They survived this week, but we’ll see how tight the bond really is in the future.

7. Desi Williams

Finally, Desi is making moves. As part of the winning team, she swayed David toward sending Derek into elimination. We haven’t seen much from her yet, but beneath the surface, she’s one of the sneakier players in the game.

6. Sarah Lacina

For someone who left elimination last week with so much gas, we didn’t hear a lot from her this week. The short story: she’s mad and doesn’t trust Tyson.

5. Derek Xiao

As such a smart Big Brother player, it felt like Derek’s demise was very anti-climatic. He was paired with an injured partner and lost an elimination. I suppose people thought he would have done better with puzzles, but he wasn’t too crafty this time around. The bigger shock was that he confessed his goal was to seek revenge on The Cookout with Alyssa. She’s still in the game with Kyland, so maybe she still has some revenge to get.

4. David Alexander

Who would have thought: David won a competition involving strength, speed, and puzzles. This is a definite sign of improvement, but he didn’t do much with his power. He turned on his Big Brother ally Derek, seemed to get played by Desi, and got an injured girl sent home.

3. Enzo Palumbo

After swimming struggles in Barreled Treasure, and now a fear of heights during Containment, Enzo is starting to look like a bit of a lay-up. He was finally forced to compete in The Arena where he managed to win, but that was the first time he did anything mildly impressive. But, we did sees he’s been working with David, and this alliance has been very under the radar.

2. Ben Driebergen

Ben doesn’t get the most screen time, but the dialogue this week has transformed from Tyson vs. Sarah to Tyson vs. Ben. It appears Sarah and Ben’s games are intertwined, and Tyson sent Sarah into The Arena to take a strike at this alliance. It all stems back to Survivor: Winners at War, and Ben’s game moving forward will not include Tyson.

1. Tyson Apostol

Let’s just say it: This is Tyson’s show. It feels like each move is centered around him, and every conversation filters through him. He’s trying to make it seem like Sarah is being overly angry after getting sent in while he never takes this game too personally, but a lot of people are scared to take a strike at Tyson. This was the perfect week because Kyra was sick and almost forced Tyson into a dead-last position during The Challenge, yet somehow he skated by through the skin of his teeth.

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