Challenge: USA

Tyson Apostol Throws First Pitch at Diamondbacks Game

People watch Tyson throw a ball.

Another day in the life of a reality star. Four-time Survivor player, one-time winner, and one-time Challenger Tyson Apostol has been selected to throw the first pitch at the Arizona Diamondbacks game on Tues., August 9.

Currently, Tyson lives in Arizona, so it wasn’t a far trek for the Utah-native to throw a ball.

From the looks of it, tens of people watched. But the real question, did he embarrass himself?

We all know Tyson has a pickleball arm, but his pitch wasn’t anything to brag about. Certainly, there have been worse first pitches and Tyson won’t get ridiculed for his performance. The catcher caught the ball, which is more than many celebrities can say for their first pitches.

But I can’t think of any other Challenger who’s thrown a first pitch at an MLB game (though Bananas has pitched for the Reno Aces), so big kudos to Tyson. As far as reality stars go, he is well-known. Not everyone can get this type of honor.

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