Challenge: USA

Sarah Lacina Explains Why She Wanted to Face Enzo

Does Sarah's store make sense? No, not really.

Last week on The Challenge USA, Sarah found herself in a tough spot. She was the only girl without the money for TJ’s final, and it was a men’s elimination. Or was it? She said she wanted to face Enzo.

Spoiler, she did nothing. And she knows it was a stupid idea. At least that’s what she said.

Sarah says she was receiving a lot of pressure from home. Her son was feeling sick, and her work needed her to help with a case. So, she toyed with the idea of going home, but if she quit she wouldn’t get her stipend. So, she figured she could go into elimination.

This is where her story gets a little shaky. If she lost to Enzo, she’d go home and receive her appearance fee, but if she won she’d get to stay… and then what? All of her problems dissolve and she just sticks around?

I do believe that Sarah had issues at home with her son and from work. And I do believe this was a big stressor, but I don’t think she really thought this would get her sent home.

Sarah mentioned that Enzo is injured, and she wanted to be the first girl to take on a guy. She also talks about being an inspiration to girls and all that jazz. She said all of these things — regardless of her situation at home. And the idea that it’s just “cool” if she wins proves that she wasn’t looking to go anywhere.

Let’s just call it what it is: She’s stressed because she doesn’t have her 5K, and she’s mad that Angela is in a great position. If she had to be home, she’d have gone home, but she wants to play the game. She can try to send herself into elimination next week if she wants, but she knows other girls are threats. If Angela has any say, she won’t be getting her shot.

Sarah needs to face the facts that she needs to get her money the legit way. Otherwise, she can’t run the final.


  1. She wasn’t the first person to face a man in an elimination. That honor goes to Sarah Grayson on the Gauntlet. That’s why I wish newer castmates would go back to see old seasons of the challenge.

      1. Still would be Evelyn then on the Island who volunteered to face a man well 2 actually. And yes losing didn’t mean elimination, there would have been a vote but it was a vote was going to loose.

        And if we must bypass that then it’s Cara Maria and Marie who choose to face Shane and Nelson in an elimination on Final Reckoning.

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