Challenge: USA

The Challenge USA: Top Players from Episode 9

Who's running the game on episode 9 of The Challenge USA?

Two people don’t have the money for TJ’s final. Will they get it? Check out the full episode on Paramount+. Here, we’re counting down the top players in the ninth episode of the new series.

10. David Alexander

In this episode, David proves to be Danny’s biggest opponent. He’s also playing the game alone because no one will help him win, but Domenick will help Danny.

9. Tyson Apostol

This may be Tyson’s least prominent episode, but it’s clear he’s made the right move working with Angela. He shows his respects to their alliance and states that he’d have likely seen The Arena by now if it wasn’t for his ally.

8. Cayla Platt

Once again, Cayla proves she’s savvy enough to play the game. Even though she doesn’t stop Sarah from losing, she’s the only person who tries to help. She immediately sees what Angela is doing and recognizes the Fab Five has more numbers than Angela and Alyssa. Too bad she’s the only girl who is willing to not play an entirely selfish game.

7. Domenick Abbate

We keep seeing tension building as Dom is in the middle of two alliances. Sarah asks him to help her, he agrees, but he really helps Danny instead. It seems likely that he can’t walk the middle ground forever, but this week, he can.

6. Cashay Proudfoot

Cashay thought her alliance with Desi and Sarah would keep her safe, but ultimately, she was less important than the Survivor and Big Brother players. She gets thrown into The Arena and loses to Sarah during In A Roll, but Cayla and Justine should take note. They’re in jeopardy because of their origin shows.

5. Alyssa Lopez

With Angela by her side, Alyssa manages to skate through this episode. Once Sarah gets last place in Collect Four, Alyssa is viewed as the easier target. But she manages to stay safe thanks to her deal with Angela and fears of Angela’s wrath if Alyssa is compromised.

4. Desi Williams

Desi enters this episode and announces her “Fab Five” alliance with Sarah, Justine, Cayla, and Cashay. Then, she wins in Collect Four. This puts her in the position of managing her relationship with Danny and trying to protect her girls. It’s no secret that she’s advocating for Sarah, but Danny refuses to send Angela or Alyssa into The Arena. Despite a lot of back and forth, she caves and sends in Cashay.

3. Danny McCray

Finally, Danny wins a challenge and gets his money to run TJ’s final. Now, he has the power to choose Sarah’s opponent with Desi, and here’s the thing: He’s working with Alyssa and Angela. So he spends a lot of time trying to reach the middle ground with Desi, all the way up to the eleventh hour. It gets to the point where he thinks the two won’t agree on a nominee at The Arena, but he never caves, and Cashay gets sent in.

2. Sarah Lacina

Sarah is still scrambling to get money to run the final, and despite the fact that she was so willing to go against an injured Enzo, she’s furious when Angela figures out how to block her Collect Four board and make her last place. Her allies don’t seem to help her retaliate much (beyond Cayla). So she spends a lot of the episode scrambling, and despite her best efforts, Danny won’t jeopardize Angela or Alyssa. She ends up facing Cashay in elimination, she wins, and now she has money for the final. She also knows where people stand, and she knows there are two girls out to get her.

1. Angela Rummins

In Collect Four, Angela orchestrated a perfect plan to sabotage Sarah and get her sent into The Arena. Despite having a disadvantage, she pulls it off with Alyssa. So, Sarah is fuming, and she wants to get Angela sent into The Arena. But this doesn’t happen. Angela manages to have a hold on her alliance, and the Survivor men are scared of wronging her. So, the potential wrath of Angela is enough to keep her and Alyssa safe.

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