Challenge: USA

The Challenge USA: Top Players from Episode 10

Who's running the game on episode 10 of The Challenge USA?

The individual game carries on, and it’s a men’s elimination. Check out the full episode on Paramount+. Here, we’re counting down the top players in the tenth episode of the new series.

10. Danny McCray

Danny knows Ben is upset, but Kiki would kill him if he ruined his alliance.

9. Alyssa Lopez

Alyssa knows she’s in a good position with Angela, but her heart seems to break for David. She knows he wanted to avoid elimination, and she seems like she wanted to remain loyal to the BB players who weren’t on BB23. But she’s also not going to rock the boat by defending David, so it’s farewell I guess.

8. Desi Williams

We didn’t see a lot of fallout after Desi sent Cashay into The Arena last week, but she makes her allegiances clear. She’s working with Angela, and it seems Sarah is on the outskirts of this alliance.

7. Domenick Abbate

As far as the Survivor men go, Dom is the lowest in the rankings. David wanted to face him in elimination, and Ben seems willing to send him in. If we get to the point where the alliance will need to implode, things aren’t looking good for Dom.

6. Tyson Apostol

Tyson has a rough performance in the Code Crossing challenge, so he’s lucky to avoid elimination. But he knows he made the right choices in the game, and Angela has his back. Even when David suggests going into The Arena against Tyson, Angela pulls his name off the table.

5. Sarah Lacina

Sarah has a lot to say this episode, but it’s just her Cayla, and Justine at this point. Throughout the episode, Sarah is upset to see Ben get manipulated by Angela, and while she’s awfully judgmental, she’s not wrong. But Sarah still doesn’t manage to win anything, so she’s in a position where she can only talk.

4. David Alexander

Poor David. He comes across as oblivious throughout the whole nomination process, and he’s upset to see his friend Enzo go in as his elimination opponent. He calls this “Survivor’s game,” a term we haven’t heard in weeks. He seems to have thought Angela had his back, but became her fifth pick. It’s sad to see him leave after getting a head start in Balls In, but it’s another loss for David.

3. Ben Driebergen

Ben seems to be comfortable with the security provided by his new alliance, but he knows Angela seems to be running the show. He was frustrated by the decision to send Enzo into The Arena, but he ultimately caves and decides it isn’t worth jeopardizing the friendship to remain in Angela’s good graces.

2. Enzo Palumbo

It seems Enzo has a lot of friends in the game, yet neither of them can keep him safe. So he faces David in an elimination classing Balls In. Enzo wins but he comes back with an alleged vengeance. He will need to deal with Ben, but he’s also on the outskirts of the house because he’s not one of Angela’s core allies.

1. Angela Rummins

In Code Crossing, Angela is the only person to finish, and once again, she wins. So, with David off the table, she tries to keep her alliance safe. At deliberation, she wants to send in Enzo, but Ben pushes back. Ultimately, Angela gets her way, but it stirs drama. It seems in the first half of the season, Tyson had a strong hold on the game. Now, Angela does, and she’s the person to fear.

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