The Challenge

The Challenge: Untold History Premiers September 21

More details on The Challenge: Untol History.

The long-awaited Challenge docuseries that MTV teased during the TV & Movie Awards hasn’t been lost in the abyss. It’s coming on September 21, and another trailer has been released.

The trailer gives us some insights into the topics we’ll be hearing about, and the participants in the project.

In the trailer, we see: Aneesa, Bananas, CT, Laurel, Tori, Leroy, Wes, Darrell, Nany, The Miz, TJ Lavin, and co-creator Jonathan Murray.

And for some reason, Kim Kardashian is there, because she is obsessed.

Kim Kardashian

So what are they going to talk about? Secrets apparently, but the footage in the trailer doesn’t seem too encouraging. Jonathan Murray talks about the creation of the franchise, but we’ve all heard this. Tori tells us that if you think it’s “not gonna grow, you’re not watching,” but we know the World Tournament is coming.

There’s also some rarely seen footage from seasons like the Real World: Boston vs. Road Rules: Islands special, Road Rules: All Stars, and Battle of the Seasons (2002). We also saw a clip from The Duel 2 after CT slugged Adam, which production pulled from Paramount+.

While this might not be perfect, I still think it will be fun. We’re getting a lot of fan-favorites in the mix, so it’ll be a nice way to dive into the ghosts of Challenges past.

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