Challenge: All Stars

Mark Long Talks All Stars 4, Thinks It’s Happening

When will season 4 be on our screens?

Since the end of All Stars 3, there hasn’t been a lot of news surrounding the fourth season of the spin-off. Fans have been wondering, but Mark Long is giving us a ray of hope.

In a recent episode of the Death, Taxes, and Bananas Podcast, Mark talks about the future of All Stars (about the 44:45 mark). He’s pretty sure the fourth season will happen, likely filming in 2023. He also mentions that cast members are excited about the show, even people who were initially hesitant.

The two reminisced about how All Stars feels like an old school show. They say TJ is a different host because he’s joking around and he knows the cast. And most competitors are also joking around and don’t take the show too seriously.

While the podcast talks a little bit about prior seasons, it also talks about Season 38, and hints at Bananas’s strategy. It seems like he’s open to working with his former rivals like Devin and Nelson, but he also mentions the show films for 10 weeks, which is brutal.

Then, Mark asks the ultimate question: Will Bananas do All Stars? Johnny says he will absolutely entertain the call if he gets it. Nothing is set in stone, but I think that speaks strongly about the future of the show. If big names like Johnny will be on board, then there will be buzz around future seasons.

Make sure to keep talking about the fourth season on social media. Mark used his platforms to build interest when All Stars was just an idea, and it has the power to push season four into reality.

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