Challenge: Ride or Dies Ratings

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Pre-Show Ratings

How many people watched the Ride or Dies pre-season special?

Last night, we got a taste of the teams (except for Nam and Emmy, for some reason) who’ll compete on the Rides or Dies: Ready to Ride pre-show. While this episode is on a different day than the main series, it gives us a glimpse into the interest surround the upcoming season. How’d the episode do?

The pre-show received 169,000 viewers and a 0.8 ratings in the 18-49 demographic. It was the 54th most watched cable show of the night.

Not a strong start, but did anyone really know about this special? It wasn’t mentioned in the trailer, and they only way viewers would really know about it would be by watching The Challenge: Untold History and actually paying attention to the commercials. In fact, ratings are about on par with the docuseries.

I wouldn’t be too concerned with the ratings yet, but if this level of viewership spills into the main series, we’ve got issues.

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  1. Already signed season 39. Not a thing to worry about. 40 will be huge. Ratings on a Monday night between ridiculous doesn’t mean anything but I used to keep mtv on all the time. Now only for challenge main. They are losing all those that used to fall into it. MTV is so disappointing. I don’t get why they’re trying to decimate it.

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