Challenge: Ride or Dies

The Challenge Ride or Dies: Top Moments from Episode 1

Everything you need to know from Episode 1 of Ride or Dies

We’re back! We’ve got another installment of The Challenge, and that means more fun moments and messiness. This season, we canned 95% of the rookies from Spies, Lies and Allies and decided it would be a better idea to fake friendships and bring in Kaycee’s brother!

Poppin’ Off Turbo Style

The cast sails onto the season, but as they’re popping champagne on the boat, Turbo is already starting fights. Laurel poured the bubbly, and apparently missed Turbo because he was standing behind her. This angers the Turkish champ, who decides to call out the rest of the cast. He threatens to see them in elimination, and claims he will take them out one-by-one. A big threat by someone who has never actually been into an elimination.

Mile High Alliance

Love is brewing, and it took off at the airport. Nurys and Johnny M. spent the flight to Argentina making out, and now they’re an item in the game. They wonder if this will put targets on their backs, especially because Ravyn doesn’t want them to hook up, but does that stop them? Nope.

One Becomes Two

TJ tells the cast “we live in crazy times,” and Kaycee & Kenny and Aneesa & James can’t make it to the first mission. So, he’s feeling nice — and brings two new teams into the game. Nam & Emmy and Horacio & Olivia are here to play.

A Muddy Memory

The first mission is called Bolas of Blood, and the cast needs to answer questions about their teams. If they really know each other (and basic arithmetic), they’ll be able to answer easily. Then, they run into the mud and collect bolas with the digits that answer the questions. First team to get all three answers right will win, and Johnny & Ravyn take the victory.

Rookies Schooling Vets

After winning, Johnny & Ravyn get to pick four teams to go into The Interrogation, and they want to spice it up by keeping rookies safe. But, they want to send one in so they’re not so obvious, so they pick Kim & Colleen as decoys, then they name Laurel & Jakk, Kailah & Sam, and Devin & Tori. While some teams are trying to shake deals, including Kim & Colleen, but Jakk tries to throw Colleen under the bus. She lied to the cast, claiming she was on Love Island Germany rather than telling people she was on The Mole, and Jakk looked her up online before coming onto the show. He knows her real origin story, and he hopes blowing her cover will keep him and Laurel safe.

Losing Safety

The cast gets to The Zone, the name of the elimination arena this season. Here, Johnny & Ravyn name the team they’ve selected from The Interrogation, and they pick Kailah & Sam. But now we need a second team. The other three nominees go to The Draw, and the teams pull daggers. Tori & Devin and Laurel & Jakk get blank daggers, but Kim & Colleen pull on that says SAFE. So, they’re not going into elimination, and they have the power to keep another team safe, and they give immunity to Laurel & Jakk because one is a rookie. So, it’s Kailah & Sam vs. Tori & Devin in You Move I Move.

Making Wrong Moves

The game is a maze, but the teams maneuver the puzzle by rocking back and forth on balance boards — one partner moves left and right, the other up and down. They need to navigate five balls into holes, and apparently Devin has this game in his coffee table, so Kailah is feeling screwed before the game starts. But, the married couple gets a ball quickly and Tori freaks out. However, Devin quickly composes his teammate and his five balls out of the maze quickly. So Kailah & Sam lose, and TJ send them off by wishing their marriage lasts longer than their time on the show.

TJ’s Twist

TJ throws an unexpected wrench into the game. He brings out Bananas and Nany has a new team in the game.

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