Challenge: Ride or Dies

Jay & Michele: The Smartest Team, or the Sloppiest?

How long will the duo survive in Ride or Dies?

This week, we saw Jay & Michele in the hot seat. Bananas felt like Jay was working with Johnny M., and he was right. When given the choice to save a team, Jay publicly declared his friendship with rookie.

But we also saw Michele in tears — she’s close with Nany. So, the team’s being pulled in both directions, and they’ve been forced to show their cards early.

It’s become clear that this team is trying to be a double agent and have some pull on both sides of the game, but Jay did make a good point. If the rookies play their cards right, they have a majority. So, if he can rally them all together he’d be forming an alliance with numbers on their side. But he also needs to remember that he’s not a rookie. People recognize him, so if the veterans need numbers, he’d be an obvious person to work with.

But here’s the biggest issue: Jay can try to work with the rookies, but he’s not a rookie. And Michele can try to work with the veterans, but she’s not a veteran, at least not when compared to the other vets in the game. The Survivor duo is really the only team of young veterans in the game, meaning they’re only on their second and third seasons. Other teams have one or two people with 5+ seasons under their belts.

I do understand their strategy. In a perfect world, they could have ridden the middle and watched the rookies and veterans throw bombs at each other while they flew under the radar. But, with the deliberation calling four teams down, their cover got blown really early.

From the looks of it, they’re more aligned with the rookies after saving Johnny M. And with the influx of veterans coming into the game, it’s not looking good for the rookies.

This might buy them some time, and they’re less likely to get called directly into The Zone, but they’re likely to be drawing daggers if they stay aligned with the rookie side. Some veterans may be willing to work with Michele, but she’ll be first on the chopping block once they need to turn on themselves.

But who knows, if they start winning, the tides could turn. Otherwise, their outlook isn’t looking too bright.

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